My Bloody Valentine Movie

My Bloody Valentine Movie

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While I think they could have done better with this movie, I still found it fun to watch

Better than the original but still a B movie.

It was an okay movie. Far from what I expected, I was disappointed.

ok movie

Not a very good movie. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but nothing I would watch again.

Horrible, acting terrible plot predictable....

I thought it was a very inappropriate movie, I didn't like it ended up walking out of the theater about half way.

I just watched this movie today in the 2d version...and i like it.... I really wasnt that scary... Im not usally a fan of real gory horror movies... but this one was more of a suspense to me...I kept guess trying to figure out who the killer was...which I was wrong until they finely told... I hope they continue with another one... My husband did watch it in the 3d version last night...and he said it sucks... I said well that was probably because your watching it on a tv and not a movie screen and using cheap ole 3d glasses from blockbuster.

I think this movie was not very good at all kinda predictable. I hardly ever think a movie is bad cause i can find something good in all movies but this one i couldnt find anything.