Murad  Clarifying Cleanser

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

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I suffer from acne and a friend recommended this wash. it totally works for me. A little goes a long way. Great price too.

I am 17 and I've been struggling with acne for the past couple of years. This is the only face wash that clears up my skin without leaving my skin coarse and dry.

I paid $120 for the kit and another $30 for the Clarifying Toner. Never have I been so disappointed. HUGE waste of money. Used for 3 months and my skin actually got worse!! I now use Equate Strikingly Unique Mild Facial Soap and Clarifying Toner. Much less harsh for my skin and much more affordable. I'm glad it works for others, but was a disappointment for me.

I was 17 when I started to break out pretty bad. I never had any deep cystic kind of acne but a lot of pimples and zits. Murad really cleared up my skin, but I also used this cleanser along with the murad acne lotion and exfoliator gel.

This is an okay thing not complaining about it at all but I've had better

I'm 22, and I have worse acne now than I did in my high school and early college years. I've tried hundreds of products with no luck. I stumbled across a starter kit for the Murad Acne System at Ulta and decided to give it a try. It's a little pricey, but it works. It has salicylic acid, but it doesn't dry out my skin, like other similar products. If you're frustrated with acne problems, I recommend trying this system out. I've been very impressed.

A great cleanser if you are a Acne prone skin type. It has 1.5% Salicyclic Acid and will clear out those pimples! But be careful: this might not be the right choice if you also have sensitive skin! Although it is made without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and has Green Tea which provides anti-redness and antioxidant benefit it has one ingredient which can harm sensitive skin: Menthol! So be aware that this cleanser is not good for sensitive skin as you might react with redness and rashes. Another thing is that you can not use this to wash off your eye- makeup because the Menthol and the Salicyclic Acid should never go into your eyes! But there are other good choices from Murad!

I purchased the Murad Acne Complex Kit. I really do like it. It has helped with keeping my breakouts in control and not out of hand. I like the face wash. I am completely in love with the moisturizer. It doesn't leave my face oily and it helps with my dry spots.

I received a large sample size of this recently in my Sample Society subscription. I've loved every Murad product I have ever tried and this wasn't an exception. This was unique because it's a cleanser that 'clarifies' your skin. It left my face feeling clear, soft, clean, and shiny without any residue. Didn't leave my face dry either , just perfect. Left my face looking like I used a liquid toner but I like this medium much better so I don't have to deal with the cotton puffs. The only thing that was off putting was the Ben-gay smell but I got used to it. It must be the active ingredient in it. It wasn't a strong medicineY Bengay smell but a milder one. I'd like to steam my face using this before and after Sunday evening to reboot my face for the week. lol

I tried this product through a Sephora Store employee recommendation. I used it for four weeks as recommended and I really didn't notice any improvement on my skin. The cleanser felt sort of odd to me as well. Sort of like there was still a filmy residue on my face after washing. Didn't work out for me.

This product worked nicely. I love all Murad products!

Do not go near your eye with this product! WARNING, will burn.. a lot. Lol.. Skin peel if used twice a day..

This product is ok. When i first used it, it worked wonders. after a few months it stopped working. I had to stop using it and then start again a year later, and it started to work again. That has happened to be beofre with other brands, but it is still disappointing.

I tried this product and if you have sensitive skin I would not recommend it at all. The very first use, my skin felt like it was on fire. It became beat red and it took several hours for the pain to subside. I would not recommend this product at all.

I used to have really bad skin then I saw this infomercial on tv about Murad. So I tried one of there products and it actually worked nicely, I was really surprised. Proactive didnt work good because it had benzol peroxide and it really irritated the skin badd oh man. But if your looking for something new give this a try its a little pricey but it lasts about 2-3 months depending how often you use it. They sell it at Sephora, Ulta also online; go to the stores and get samples they will give you one.