Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup

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Can?t go wrong I love these cups. They really mean it when they say spill proof. I never had issues with these. I have tried many cups out there and these are my favorite. This was the cup that my daughter first learned to suck out of a straw from. I need to get some more of them.

Amazing When we transitioned from a bottle to a sippy cup these were fairly new but they were so great for my daughter. The weighted straw meant she could tip it every which way and still drink. These were also easy to clean. Easily our favorite sippy cup!

My son loved this cup bit after awhile he bit the straw off and we couldn't use it anymore, and it still kind of leaked.

Would not recommend! It was ok at first until it started leaking. The straw is a pain to wash even with the included straw cleaner it comes with. The straw also turned yellow after a few uses. The inside middle part of the straw never really gets dry and eventually could get moldy. Its hard to twist open this cup after you tighten it because there isn't enough space between the handle and cup itself so my fingers get squished trying to open it. I wouldn't buy it again.

Cute concept. I don't care to much for this cup. It's a pain in the butt to clean and is a bit heavy for babies to carry. Cute concept though.

Amazing My son is obsessed with this cup. He always has to have it with him.

Highly recommend Great cup! My son loves it because it's like our cups (with a straw) and we love it because it doesn't make a mess! No matter which way he's sitting/laying he can drink out of the cup! The weight in the straw allows the straw to follow the liquid so he can always have a drink.

Wonderful Cup Love this cup! my 3 year old is very picky due to his sensory issues and this is his favorite cup. It works great for him, easy to use and easy to clean.

Love these cups My daughter loves these cups she just turned one and prefers to drink from a straw but she is still in the stages of tipping the cup so she ends up not getting liquid. We found these cups and love them she can drink from them with no problems and I have had no problems with keeping them clean. Would definitely recommend

Loved it at first, it's in the trash now At first we loved this soppy cup. It came with a little brush to help clean the straw, which I loved. And my daughter loved it at first! But about a week of use and trouble ensued. It leaked ALL THE TIME. The little kid that slides back and forth broke off for no good reason. Even with the brush the straw is so hard to clean. It was hard for her to grip correctly so it ended up being dropped CONSTANTLY which resulted in spills. It just ended up being more of a pain in the butt than a god sent. I was hoping for this soppy to be our go to. But it ended up going straight to the trash can.

I think this sippy cup has the worst design ever! We struggle with liquid coming back up the straw when my daughter is not drinking it and getting the liquid everywhere. I would not recommend you put anything other than water in this cup or take it in the car.

Not amazing, better options out there My son did not take to this sippy cup and it is extremely hard to clean if you loose the cleaning parts. Overall not impressed with all of the parts to wash and it started leaking after the first time in the dishwasher.

Awesome cup I love this cup. It is a great cup for children to learn how to sip and the straw moves with the weight.

I had receive the product twice and I do not recommend! I purchased one and the water that's in the straw comes up when the cup isn't in use . I contacted munchkin and they where kind enough to send me a new one .. But i still had the issue which i then tried for the 360 cup . I do not recommend this product unfortunately although it looks like it would be an awesome cup.

I love this product. It is easy for babies to learn how to drink through a straw and not get frustrated when they tip the cup upside down.