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  • madina89 By  madina89    


    Very good toy. There are several classical musics. I like the rubber edges . Lights. But a little heavy.

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  • cutie720 By  cutie720    

    Compose your own masterpiece

    Five instruments collide, allowing babies to create their own Mozart compositions. Babies are introduced to five musical instruments, expanding their palette of sound and rhythm. Cube itself is durable, flashing lights are bright, and product enables hand-eye coordination, reasoning, creativity, and self-expression.

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  • khyaiin By  khyaiin    

    My daughter loves this toy. It took awhile for her to get into and she is only just now figuring out that the she can control the different sounds, but she really enjoys the music cube and unlike some other musical toys that we have, this one isn't as annoying or as grating. I like that it teaches her and will continue to teach her how to work different sounds and eventually put together a little symphony. It will definitely grow with her.

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    I like that your child can control what instruments they want to hear. Educational and entertaining. I like that it is durable and the corners are a rubber material so they aren't pointed corners.

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    my sister gave me this toy for my kids, my three year old still plays with it, but she swears she is 'playing' with her two month old brother

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  • Kmiles By  Kmiles    

    The kids liked playing with it.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    My daughter got this just before she turned one, she is now 27 months old and still loves this joyful cube. The music excites her and she loves pressing the buttons and then continues to sing some songs. Great little creation to keep baby or toddler entertained.

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  • Umdrower By  Umdrower    

    I received this as a gift and thought it was a little dull, but it was an instant favorite of my 1 year old son. He loved how easy it was to change songs and the lights were entertaining. I agree with the other reviewer - this is a durable, educational item that is a great addition to any home.

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  • daisy47 By  daisy47    

    The best toy we ever bought that all of our baby's have adored. The Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin is an interactive musical toy that lights up, plays Mozart songs and isn't annoying. How often can you find any children's toys that makes noise nowadays that don't make you crazy? Any aged child can enjoy and use this toy. A brand new infant can hear the calming music and watch the many colors light up, a baby can press the 5 buttons to start and stop the music. All of my kids have been endlessly entertained by this little cube. The five instruments on the cube are a piano, violin, flute, harp and french horn. As each button is pressed, an instrument is added or subtracted. The full symphony can play with the touch of a button. Songs are changed quickly and easily. Another plus is that it is very sturdy. Our cube has been dropped, chewed on, drooled on and it keeps going. The edges are soft and rounded so there is no worry about safety. This is my go to gift for all new babies and it should be yours too!

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