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  • jenmartin74 By  jenmartin74    

    Average, but hard to clean

    I think this cup was easy for her to hold and drink from. It was decent, but very hard to clean.

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  • Kristycreel985 By  Kristycreel985    

    Leak bad

    These cup leak so bad. As a daycare provider I refuse to buy anymore cups like these

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  • ScarlettAurora By  ScarlettAurora    

    Great product after breastfeeding

    All 3 of my children have used these. I went from complete breastfeeding only to giving these with juice (introducing from age 8 months) and they all immediately loved them. The nipple also helps with the teething pains.

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    

    Good First

    first sippy cup i got my daughter and she did really great with them.

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  • Aswagg89 By  Aswagg89    

    So so cup

    I liked how they could hold the cup and easily drink without spilling it. But if they were playing or running around or playing with the actual cup it would leak. That I didn't like. If I had it in the diaper bag and if it would tip over it would leak. So I'd give it a 3 star. If you were going to give it to them to just sit at the table and use than this would be a good cup. But we know how all kiddos can be ;)

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  • Hmlovern1987 By  Hmlovern1987    

    Little man loves this cup

    This was one of the first sippy cups we bought our son to start with. He loves the color red so we got the red/blue sippy cup. The only "complaint" I have about it is trying to screw the lid on, sometimes it is very difficult...especially when juggling a little wiggle worm on my hip. It has only leaked one time and that was from him pushing the corner in.

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  • Jbrooke12 By  Jbrooke12    

    Great sippy cups!

    I love these cups. I've used them for all 3 of my kids. My 21 month old currently uses these every day. My favorite part is the handles. They make it easy for his tiny hands to hold on to the cup.

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  • JDMom16 By  JDMom16    

    We used these to introduce my daughter to using a zippy cup instead of a bottle and she wont bring milk out of anything else

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  • kwine18109 By  kwine18109    


    My son adores these bottles. They are great trainers that help him learn to hold a heavier cup than his bottle.

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  • Softlyspoken By  Softlyspoken    

    I love these sippy cups! They work very well you just need to make sure the clear rubber piece is on correctly or it will leak every where. These are not sippy cups I'd recommend washing in the dish washer as stuff can build up in the mouth piece. These are very affordable too!

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  • Ccard1990 By  Ccard1990    

    I used this sippy for both of my children. The handles made it easier for them to hold.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    This is a good cup for toddlers. I use this with my nephew who I babysit. It is a great way to measure and be aware of how much he is drinking. It also doesn't spill. It may have a drip or too but it is better than most cups we have tried.

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  • consciousmama By  consciousmama    

    These worked well, never had any issues with them. Can be hard to clean, pop out the nipple to clean gunk out. Never had any spills!

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  • Mariasmommy2012 By  Mariasmommy2012    

    My daughter used these cups and they were a life saver when we first changed her over from a bottle to a sippy cup. We didn't have problems with them leaking or not staying shut

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  • catpowell91 By  catpowell91    

    I bought these for my daughter when she starts to make the transition from bottles to sippy cups. Trying them out myself they are great. But like the other reviews said it is easy to push the spout out and cause a leak. I still will use these for her as they still work wonderfully. I will just have to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesnt chew them.

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