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  • LoraineyE By  LoraineyE    

    We love this little pail it helps us keep things normal lol!

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  • sabradawn By  sabradawn    

    Diaper pail no diaper smell

    I used one of these with my granddaughter. I did not have her 24/7 but I wanted something that decreased or eliminated diaper odor when she visited. This worked great. I loved it. But I am OCD with diapers. I put feces soiled diapers in individual bags before adding them to the pail. I also kept a Stick Up in the bottom of the pail. I loved the pail. I did not like the price of refill bags- but that is a small price to pay for a clean smelling room. The one I used had already been used by another family member and it was perfectly fine after 2 years of use by me. I intend to buy them for shower presents.

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  • JodieT By  JodieT    

    Great for newborns

    We loved this when we first started using this, but as time went on we no longer used it. We used this when my son first came home from the hospital. He was in preemie diapers at the time. It was really nice to have a place to put the diapers, especially the stinky ones. A baby also goes to the bathroom A LOT and this was more convenient than putting diapers in a trash can. However has he grew and his diapers got bigger we could not fit as many in it and it even became harder to get a diaper in it. So after about using it for a year we decided to put non-stinky diapers in the trash can in the house and the stinky ones in the trash can outside. The price of the container is not too bad and the price of the refillable bags does seem so bad at first, until you start to go through the bags faster due to bigger diapers. Also, it is not easy cleaning the inside when there is a diaper mishap. Overall I would still recommend this product to parents with a new baby and if I have another child I would buy this product again.

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  • Amieconway22 By  Amieconway22    

    Easy and clean!

    This is a great diaper pale I received this as a baby shower gift but the replacement bags are a bit high for what they are!!!

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  • Wildatheart By  Wildatheart    

    SO easy

    SO easy to use and helps keep the air smelling fresh and not of diapers.

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  • Zweilousness By  Zweilousness    

    Impressive and effective diaper pail!

    I happened to catch this on clearance at Target, and it surprised me. Kept the smell down, and has decent volume. Emptying it also wasn't a hassle. But the price of the replacement bags is a bit high.... though with a little elbow grease, Glad's Febreze-scented trash bags served as alright replacements! Still would recommend this if you have the money for it.

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  • Photomama814 By  Photomama814    

    Needs improvement

    Does nothing to stop the smell when you open the top. The front door broke within the first year. It served it's purpose but I thunk it has a loot to improve on

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  • mchoodies By  mchoodies    

    Helps keep odors at bay

    We bought one of these for our firstborn in 2011 and we initially loved it. However, we were working towards cloth diapering so as time went on, we fully transitioned to cloth and had no use for this. The product and concept is wonderful and if it would have had reusable/washable liners for cloth diapers at the time, we would have kept it and continued to use it. The only flaw that I found frustrating was the baking soda applicator. When closing the lid, it would release the baking soda too early or late and not directly into the center/bag area. It's not a big deal, and bonus points for even having a feature to help combat the dirty diaper odors! Although we never got the pail dirty, I would wipe it down from time to time for peace of mind. I'd imagine if you did get it dirty, it would wash up super easy because the design doesn't contain many conjoining pieces nor does it have many grooves and indents. I'll always recommend this one to friends who use disposables.

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  • Sixgrays By  Sixgrays    

    We have used this product for all 4 children. It does conceal odor but we find it doesn't hold many diapers. And as soon as you open to remove bag the odor does waft into the room.

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  • paisleybaby131 By  paisleybaby131    

    I had this with my first born. And compared to the one I used with my second, this is my favorite. It was easier to use, whereas the one I've had recently had issues dealing the diapers individually.

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  • Yazmara By  Yazmara    

    Baby shower gift

    Received one of these diaper pails at my baby shower, it really reduces the smell of diaper in the room love it. I would like to give these out at future baby showers

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  • kayla619 By  kayla619    

    This diaper pail works. Easy to use. The replacement bags are a bit pricey but for the quality of this product, it's a good bargain.

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  • Chelsa21 By  Chelsa21    

    I love this . we dont jabe the smell of fross diapee in our home because of it

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  • Latinchic By  Latinchic    

    Of all the things you will get for your little one this is the product that you will used every day until your child is potty trained. I absolutely loved this one. It really kept the smell out. It better if you but the big package of the refill bags, and if you are expecting make sure to add at list 4 big packages of refill to your registry.

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  • Jennalee401 By  Jennalee401    

    Love this! Easy to use and easy to change bags. From I have used this brand is easier and a better value than the competition.

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