Muller Corner Yogurt

Muller Corner Yogurt

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can't find this product This is the ONLY greek yogurt I can stand and actually, I really like it. However, my local stores do not sell it anymore. So that is really frustrating! I wondered if they quit making it but... appears it is still out there - just not around me.

exciting yogurt this yogurt is exciting to add a little of something sweet or savory depending on the flavor you pick.

Dairy swirls of joy I used to eat this almost every morning in high school. There is something so satisfying about pouring something in my yogurt, and the fruit is so delicious! The yogurt is creamy and not too sweet. I want one right now!

This yogurt is so tasty! Creamy and so,elegant! And at an affordable price also! Greek yogurt is usually so thick and goopy to me but this is like silk! It's delicious!

I love this yogurt! It is creamy and so delicious! The fruit inside is so yummy! I was given a case of these during a promotion! My kids and I ate them all!

I got a voucher for a free Muller product from Influenster. Here is my review. I buy Muller Corner with choco balls and crispy crunch already so this voucher was wasted on me. As part of my attempt to merge into healthy eating, I'm consuming more yogurt. Muller just happens to have great tasting yogurt and mix ins that are better for you than Reeses Pieces and M&Ms. It's also a larger cup of yogurt and Muller doesn't skimp on the mix ins. I have tons of crispy little bites in every bite I take. My only qualm with Muller is that they only have a few yogurt mix ins that don't contain fruit. I hate fruit and I'd love to see more my style of variety. I've bought the crunchy granola, but I never got to try it before it expired, but I will give it a go. I'm not excited about dark chocolate and pecan granola, but I bought some and I'm going to give it a go. Just don't get rid of the flavors I love and we'll be alright.