Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer

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Great tasting ! Love this Root-beer it taste's like , old fashion Rootbeer with a lot of fizz . Perfect for Root beer floats ?

Brings back a simpler time?. Still my all time favorite. Makes me think of root beer floats and the kids love it and so much better then cola for them?

YUM! One of my favorite drinks! The flavor is great! Taste amazing especially for root beer floats! :)

Tasty I love this root beer. It tastes like the kind I had as a kid. Great with vanilla ice cream too.

a great summer drink and treat soda root beer is caf. free and love the taste. great fpr oce cream floats.

One of the best Root Beers out there! When craving a root beer, this is my go-to brand. Love the taste and the foam, the best for root beer floats too!

Best soda for a Float. I always have loved this Root Beer. As a child I would make a float with vanilla ice cream.

Excellent I really enjoy the taste of Mug beverage, it taste so good. You really get that good root beer taste and it is a very satisfying drink.

The only root beer brand is Mug Mug root beer is simply a classic in my family. We won't drink another root beer. My father recently passed, and we had root beer floats at the funeral. Of course, we had to use Mug. There is no better root beer!

Mug Root Beer is the best, I could drink that all day every day. When it is icy cold it is really good and if you add ice cream to it make it the perfect treat.

Favorite root beer for many year. The flavor is outstanding. So many different little notes in it all combine to make one delicious carbonated treat. This also make the absolute best root beer floats. The frothy foam is a wonderful treat no matter how you drink it!

If you like vanilla, this root beer's for you My kids and I love root beer! We could do a blind taste test and figure out name brands easily, and Mug would be one of the easiest to guess because it has the most yummy vanilla flavor of any of the root beers we've tried. It's rich and smooth, and tastes terrific alone or with ice cream as a float. And it's a caffeine free drink option for my kids. If I have a choice, I pick Mug when I drink root beer.

My childhood A perfect fizzy drink great for when your with an aunt that curses caffeine and cold beverages because this drink in my oppinion will always taste good expesuly warm.

Excellent I enjoy drink this soda. I would pick drinking this over coca cola. It is refreshing and it is sweet .

Did Someone Say "ROOTBEER FLOAT"? MUG root beer is a great way to enjoy that all time favorite summer treat!!