Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer

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My childhood A perfect fizzy drink great for when your with an aunt that curses caffeine and cold beverages because this drink in my oppinion will always taste good expesuly warm.

Excellent I enjoy drink this soda. I would pick drinking this over coca cola. It is refreshing and it is sweet .

Did Someone Say "ROOTBEER FLOAT"? MUG root beer is a great way to enjoy that all time favorite summer treat!!

Love Mug Root Beer! It is sweet but not over powering. One of my favorites when it comes to root beer.

Good Has a great smooth taste I but this all the time.

The best root beer Taste great, pour it on some vanilla ice cream and you have your self a root beer. The best thing ever.

tastes great!Pour it into some vanilla ice cream and have yourself a root beer float!

this is the only brand root beer i can drink and its the best i crave it atleast once a week.

This is the only Root Beer I can drink. It's my favorite and it is just so good. Before ever trying this brand I hated Root Beer with a passion but now that's all changed

This was delicious. We are not big root beer drinkers in my house, but we love this.

This was delicious. We are not big root beer driners in my house, but we love this.

Yay mug root beer! I just love the dog on the can lol This is really tasty, so of course you know it's not very good for you, but anyways most stuff isn't lol. I just love root beer and mug does it best :D

Can't tell the difference between the brands of root beer but Mug is definitely one of my favorites opposed to store brand.

this is one of the family favorites,we try to keep it on hand most of time,the family says it's # 1

The most outstanding root beer around, I wouldn't drink any other root beer. It is so rich in flavor!