Mucinex D

Mucinex D

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It worked, but there was some ingredient in it that made my nose bleed where I thought that I might die. It was horrible. It's something I'll never take again.

All in all this product is not bad It does the trick,but it's very costly

With asthma I've had a couple respiratory viruses turn ugly over the years. That was before I started taking this when I get sick. It can dry you up, but beats a course of steroids and a trip to the hospital in the middle of the night by a longshot. Drink lots of water. My only gripe is that I wish they were smaller as sometimes swallowing these have been an issue.

Mucinex is the best medicine when you have a bad cough. Mucinex D works even harder and better. It dries you up and takes care of chest congestion. Great medicine.

This is just about the only thing that helps my husband when he is sick.

As someone with a deviated septum, I can attest to the difficulty of dealing with clogged sinuses. My surgeon recommended Mucinex to help prevent my annual infections, and with the help of the psuedoephedrine in Mucinex D, I have found not only am I far more comfortable during the worst of the cold and sinus season, I can sometimes even avoid that sinusitis I could previously bank on every year. Make sure you take it with a full glass of water as directed on the package, and it will thin the secretions giving you so much trouble. It's a great product. All Hail Mucinex!

Oh that magical decongestant that just makes all that crud in your lungs and sinuses seem to melt away. I love mucinex. Personally as a health care worker I love it. Yet, you should try to be careful with the decongestant you see in it. For one, the decongestant is an upper. So you get a little boost of energy but also you get the increased heart rate and blood pressure. Another thing to watch is the diuretic tendencies it has. Meaning that it makes you go to the bathroom a lot more. It can cause you to become dehydrated and that can have a rebound effect in helping you not be able to get the crud out of your body. Make sure you drink plenty of water with this product. As long as you follow those guide lines and be very careful with your heart rate and blood pressure while taking this product, you should love it.

my mom gave me some of these to try and I have been hooked on them since

Every spring and fall I seem to get a sinus infection. Upon my doctor's advice I take Mucinex and many times I can clear up my sinuses without having to get a prescription for an antibiotic. At the first sign of an oncoming sinus infection I begin using a sinus rinse and take Mucinex D, this seems to do the trick.

You have to be careful if you have heart problems or high blood pressure when you use any products with a decongestant. They do make one without a decongestant and it works alright.

Great product for when your chest is super heavy and congested. This also helps clear up your sinuses because it has sudafed in it. Really great product to help clear the chest.

Works REALLY well, BUT it will dry you out. I have to lots of water with this or I regret it.

I get horrible sinus colds at least once per year. I used to try to fight it with just Sudafed, which helped a little, but still left me feeling horrible. I discovered Mucinex a couple of years ago, and it's the only thing I've found that can clear out my sinuses and let me get through the day.