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  • ChloeDior By  ChloeDior    

    The Fragrances Alone Will Make You Want To Wash Your Hands Just Because Lol. Its Also Nice To Know That There Aren't Any Chemicals In This Line. Loooove!

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  • fitzsmom By  fitzsmom    

    Smells amazing and isn't drying at all!

    Everyone is supposed to wash their hands but I know folks who don't when the soap is too low-quality (gross I know but you can only control yourself loll). This soap isn't drying at ALL, it smells AMAZING, and I trust that it's killing all the germs it purports to. I love trying new scents and keep my eyes peeled for new reveals!

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  • Nikkidrap By  Nikkidrap    

    My son actually washes his hands.

    The smell is so refreshing and my son actually enjoys washing his hands... Which is such a bonus lol.

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  • AndreaS By  AndreaS    

    Definitely recommend this product

    I love the fresh scent of this soap. It smells clean and I constantly smell my hands after using it. It's like Spring in a bottle.

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  • rachl03 By  rachl03    

    Love this soap!

    I love this soap, even when used many times a day it does not dry out your hands. It has a nice scent but is not too strong.

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  • valerianroots By  valerianroots    


    During the pandemic, everyone went crazy for cleaning products, and don't get me wrong, I understand why. But why was Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap left on the shelves? Frankly, when I was forced to buy it because that was all that's left, I realized just how much better it was from other kitchen soaps. I even got an oil stain out right after I spilled some oil onto one of my favorite dresses.

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  • lasoniabgraves By  lasoniabgraves    

    Gentle On Hands

    Great soap for the entire family. I keep a bottle at the kitchen sink. It cleans thoroughly, and is gentle on hands.

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  • Tchettt By  Tchettt    


    Finally, a natural product line!! I love this hand soap and also use their other products on a daily basis. I will never go back.

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  • pcaradonna By  pcaradonna    

    Trusted brand for family

    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid hand soap smells good and cleans and moisturizes hands. I enjoy using it throughout the house.

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  • RebeccaS101 By  RebeccaS101    

    I love the scents of these hand soaps! They lather well and get your hands clean without a bunch of chemicals.

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  • Suzyspeaks By  Suzyspeaks    

    Clean and soft!

    I love the olive oil and aloe vera scent. I also am a fan of the honeysuckle scent. They are excellent hand soaps for use in the kitchen or bath. Clean feeling but not overdrying.

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Good clean!

    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products are a real treat. I love the hand wash and occasionally snag the slim refill bottles of the basil scent. The lavender is also delightful! The scents are fresh, and I feel good about using this soap.

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  • kathlina By  kathlina    

    Loving this hand soap!

    This soap smells so good and it's so gentle on my hands. Leaves them feeling so soft.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap has a nice scent and gets my hands clean without being harsh.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    this soap makes my hands soft and smell so good when used. the scents are smooth, none of the smells are too strong or over powering.

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