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  • kathlina By  kathlina    

    Loving this hand soap!

    This soap smells so good and it's so gentle on my hands. Leaves them feeling so soft.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap has a nice scent and gets my hands clean without being harsh.

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  • LDBeckner By  LDBeckner    

    this soap makes my hands soft and smell so good when used. the scents are smooth, none of the smells are too strong or over powering.

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  • Emilatz91 By  Emilatz91    


    Mrs Meyers everything is amazing. I use this handsome along with the whole cleaning line. The scents are amazing and long lasting.

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  • Jordancolleen By  Jordancolleen    


    The only hand soap we use! It smells so good and the natural ingredients are a plus!

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  • Emschick707 By  Emschick707    

    Huge fan of this entire line of products!! Rinses very clean and a little bit goes a loooong way!!

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  • Crystalann314 By  Crystalann314    

    I'm in love with this soap! . I have super dry and sensitive skin. This soap is a life saver. It comes in a cute bottle and is made with great ingredients like aloe and olive oil. It lathers and cleans perfectly, and the smell is absolutely amazing. I am seriously considering replacing all of my cleaning supplies with Mrs. Meyer's Basil Cleaners! A+. I would most definitely recommend to anyone! I also love the Honeysuckle scent.

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  • wovenbirds By  wovenbirds    

    All natural!

    This hand soap smells lovely and it is gentle on your hands.

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  • Starr17 By  Starr17    

    Great Natural product

    This is a great natural household cleaning product. It smells delicious too while cleaning your home and even washing clothes. Great and safe for cleaning baby gear .

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  • Msjayden By  Msjayden    

    Not good for sensitive skin

    I do have sensitive skin but I was hoping since this is suppose to be a natural product I wouldn't have any issues. First off the smell is overpowering, overwhelming, and way to scented for me. It dried out my hands and my spouses. I also ended up getting a bad reaction, which was mostly liked due to there added perfume/fragrance. Which I am not a fan of a product claiming to be all natural then having added scent. Really disappointed and I wouldn't reccomend to people with sensitive skin.

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    Mrs Meyers hand soap

    I have started using many Meyers products and haven't been disappointed. I like simple natural products and this hand soap fits the bill. Love the scents it does in while keeping it light and fresh.

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  • tipsytraveler06 By  tipsytraveler06    


    I really enjoy this brand. We always have one of these in the kitchen. Their scents are perfect for the kitchen. Very fresh scent but not over powering. Hands feel clean and soft. Also great for making homemade bath products.

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  • SarahChristine By  SarahChristine    

    I use this product line for my house cleaners and soap. I love the lemon scent. No chemicals and cleans well.

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  • ruizluanne By  ruizluanne    

    I love this product. I especially love the Basil and lemon verbena scent. My husband did not like it and I like it especialy after washing some dishes.

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  • MrsPonder By  MrsPonder    

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs. Meyer's hand soap! The natural ingredients, amazing fragrance, and clean feel on my hands is amazing!

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