Mrs. Meyer's  Clean Day Countertop Spray

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Countertop Spray

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Your skin will thank you.. I am not going to lie, this item was forced on me by my tree- hugging, save the planet children, who use it in their own homes. I had no faith that an all all-natural product could clean like my bleach. I mean if my hands burn from the bleach it must be killing germs?. I now know different. Use this safe product all over your home, especially on your hands and dishes! You skin will thank you!

Great All Natural Cleaner I love all of the Mrs Meyers's cleaning products because the smell and quality is unmatched! They do not leave any residue behind like some other cleaners and it's all natural! We try our best to buy natural products when we can and this is an affordable quality product!

This cleaning product smells amazing!! I use the whole line of products in lavender during the fall and winter months and the honeysuckle scent in the spring and summer. It works well on my granite countertops as well as my tabletops and shelves.

the best! love love love this stuff!!!!! cant get enough of it! makes the house smell great after cleaning. it gets stains off of surfaces via coffee/wine/ect...

Great Multi-Purpose Cleaner It works really well to clean up almost all messes and it has natural ingredients. Keep in mind though, it is not anti-bacterial so it will not kill germs. Otherwise, it's a great multi-purpose cleaner.

I love all the Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products; I much better at keeping up with cleaning since I found them. I love the basil-scented products for kitchen cleaning, and use the lavender to clean the bathroom.

I Love this product and I also look for more stuff to clean around the house. It is indeed the best cleaner on the market. It freshens the house as you clean and I use it on everything, it even removes those stubborn stains on the counters. Just spray it on a stain, let it sit and wipe. It really works that good that there is no need to scrub. And it doesn't leave streak marks on stovetops, it is amazing. I get a basket of Mrs. Meyers cleaners for my birthday every year because everybody knows I love this line of cleaners. I just wish Big Box reatilers would carry the line. The products can be hard to find but you can go to their website and buy it there or find a store that sells it in your area. It retails for about $4.99 a bottle but well worth the money.

I have never used but friend does an make home smell great. I need a bottle of this ASAP!

This is the first cleaning spray I have ever used that makes me look around feverishly for something else to spray it on. The lemon verbena scented spray is all natural, cleans unbelievably well, and makes my whole house smell amazing. I never would have thought that I would go out and buy bottles of a cleaning spray to share with my family but I have. I use it on my counters, bathrooms, table, sinks, and feel good knowing it is safe for my family. A lot of the all natural cleaners have been disappointing but this one works as great as it smells!!