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  • Emschick707 By  Emschick707    

    Great & Affordable

    Love this pot, have used it to death and it hasn?t ever missed a beat!! Love that I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and the auto shut off feature is super helpful... my fav feature is the strong brew option!! Only wish replacement glass carafe wasn?t as expensive as the entire machine!!!

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  • didama By  didama    

    Tasty Coffee!

    We use Mr. Coffee at our office and it makes a very tasty cup of coffee!

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  • katitiak By  katitiak    

    My guy loves this! He uses this every morning and night!

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  • angelaksams By  angelaksams    

    The best part of the coffee maker is that it is programmable. It is really nice to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The only thing I did not like about this coffee maker is that it has a glass carafe instead of a thermal carafe.

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  • AishaWaseem By  AishaWaseem    

    it makes life easy i like this product.

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  • jassyrenea By  jassyrenea    

    I have had this coffee maker for a few months and I like it. But my carafe has a crack already. Next time I will defiantly buy a coffee maker with a stainless carafe.

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  • abandac By  abandac    

    this is the coffeemaker i purchased for my 89 year old father and he uses it everyday. he said its easy to use and the coffee is just the right temperature for him.

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  • HeatherSeasr83 By  HeatherSeasr83    

    Good coffee maker and a reasonable price

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    This coffeemaker gets a workout at our house. We brew a minimum of 2 pots of coffee a day. The timer is great because the coffee is there when we get up. This is the 2nd one we have had. But the first did last several years. So..for the price and the constant use - I think it's a good buy

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  • rocky08055 By  rocky08055    

    Although I like having a fresh cup of coffee available as soon as I wake up, the quality/durability of this coffee maker is questionable. I had to return my first one after two months and it was replaced for free. The second one lasted about 10 months before it died. I've had better luck with the one I'm currently using as it is still working after 14 months. So why do I keep buying the same model? Well, it brews a good cup of coffee, it costs under $30 and it fits well in under my cabinets. I've looked at other brands, but have not found one that fits into my budget and my kitchen.

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