Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker We have always been loyal to Mr. Coffee and have never had a problem brewing our morning coffee. This replacement caused me great difficulty. If you do not put the basket in correctly the water overflows in the basket and floods the counter. I have since learned to be extra careful.

Very easy to brew and keep clean. makes great tasting coffee but can get a bit messy brewing it.

Another coffee maker Most of my coffee makers have been Mr. Coffee. They are reasonable in price. They look easy to use, but when it comes to change the hour, it gets complicated. I like that it makes 12 cups of coffee and it brews fast. Even though it comes with a filter, I still use a coffee filter. It is compact and it doesn't claim a lot of counter space. The burner part doesn't last very long. It cracks with time.

I am not a coffee drinker but I make my boyfriends coffee for him in the morning and I've never had a problem with this machine! It always goes smoothly for me and my boyfriend has never complained about the quality of the coffee!

Great appliance! Great at work! We use this every day at work. Easy to use, easy to clean and makes a lot of coffee.

Program buttons stopped working, Still able to brew delicious coffee.

Great coffee every time I drink a lot of coffee, so I need one that will make great tasting coffee AND will last! My Mr. coffee maker I currently own has lasted over 2 years. Thank you Mr. Coffee!

Love the brand I like the brand and I always purchase it because they last many years for me and prices are very reasonable

Great for Morning Coffee I love how great this product works and it is so simple to use! This helps me brew my own coffee at home and doesn't take a lot of work or a lot of time! I have been using this for a while and love how great it works and that it was affordable.

I love a fresh pot of coffee evey morning. This is a great coffee maker. I would buy one again. Easy to use too !

Great & Affordable Love this pot, have used it to death and it hasn't ever missed a beat!! Love that I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee and the auto shut off feature is super helpful... my fav feature is the strong brew option!! Only wish replacement glass carafe wasn't as expensive as the entire machine!!!

Tasty Coffee! We use Mr. Coffee at our office and it makes a very tasty cup of coffee!

My guy loves this! He uses this every morning and night!

The best part of the coffee maker is that it is programmable. It is really nice to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The only thing I did not like about this coffee maker is that it has a glass carafe instead of a thermal carafe.

it makes life easy i like this product.