Movie WALL-E

Movie WALL-E

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Totally Recommend for all ages It was the 1st robot movie to make me cry. But also really good and cinematic. I wud see it in one of those sensory theaters for sure!

So cute Wall-E is an amazing movie, kind of funny to have watched this and almost cry over a robot lol. But the kids love it and we do as well as adults lol.

Family fun at its best! This movie is super cute! Helps teach kids-and adults alike!-about the importance of our health and our Earth!

Memories This movie is such a classic. I remember when I was little and I went to my grandmother's house we always had to watched this movie. Some movies are good enough for every generation.

Wall-E Wall-E is one of my favorite movies. I love how he tries to save the planet and the humans.

A Captivating & Uplifting Movie Experience: WALL-E I recently watched the movie WALL-E, and I was absolutely blown away. The animation was stunning and the storyline was captivating. The movie follows a lonely robot named WALL-E on his journey of discovery and exploration, and it was heartwarming to watch as he learns and grows. The music was beautiful and the voice acting was spot on. The film makes a powerful statement about the environment and our responsibility to care for our planet, and I was truly moved by the message. All in all, WALL-E is an amazing movie and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly special and inspiring experience.

Heartfelt For All Ages Wall-E has a wonderful story line and a good message, especially in today's issues with climate change. It pushes awareness for how our actions can affect the Earth while not being too heavy for a child to watch. It has a very cute yet exciting story of a robot doing its best and making connections without needing words (though with the occasional beep). This movie from my childhood is very near and dear to my heart, and I recommend anyone of any age to watch it.

Cute movie that also makes you think. This charming movie will warm your heart as well as make you think of the impact that us humans has on planet earth. This movie is fun to watch on your own or with the family. Definitely one that is a great addition to any family movie collection.

Simple Show This is such a cute and simple show for all ages to enjoy. It really let's you bring the family together and watch adventures, drama, and comedy at the same time. Definately recommend for all ages.

Family favorite! My family and I love this movie. It's about a trash compactor, Wall-E, and a beautiful robot, Eva. Stick with me - there's so much more to the story. Both have specific tasks they have been designed to directed to complete, but both have the ability to rise above their programming and have seemingly human like emotion. All of this takes place on a dystopian Earth that has suffered catastrophic environmental damages. Certain events transpire and humanity hangs in the balance. The movie is a bit of a slow burn, but worth buildup. Again, we have watched this movie so much and have enjoyed it so much we named a cat Eva.

While this is one of the most popular Disney movies I'm always bored out of my mind when I try to watch it.

Wall-e movie review Very cute movie for all ages! We own it and watch it about 1x a month!! Great messages to children and adults both!

Wall-E review A beautiful movie with a powerful message and great animation

Cute Movie Funny, enjoyable, cute. As an adult, I totally enjoyed this movie. It struck all the right notes.

Everyone should watch This s exactly where this world is heading. No one is doing anything from the pollution we created. I can only imagine what the earth will be like when my Grandchildren inherit it. But a cute way to show friendship.