Movie Twilight Saga New Moon

Movie Twilight Saga New Moon

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I LOOOVEEE twilight!!! this movie made me cry so much when edward and bella break up. the movie is basically about how bella delt with edward leaving her and how she has grown closer to jacob, whom in this movie becomes a wearwolf.

Super excited about this movie, awesome effects and acting, you'll forget your watching a movie.

Personally love the books and movies

Love all the twilight books and movies great movie all-time tween classic movie

Totally love, love, love...

It's a very emotional movie be sure to bring tissues.

i love this movie but i think its better if you watch all of them back to back

was excited to watch this movie when it came out, and am still impressed with the series so far! I think that it was a great transition from book to movie.

loved this series

I hate to say it, but I love Twilight. I was deployed when the books and the first movie came out and the craze hit. I told myself I wouldn't jump on the bandwagon but during my R&R from deployment my sister made me watch the first movie since it had just come out on DVD. I thought it was awesome and bought the books so I can read them during the remainder of my deployment. I flew through the books and couldn't wait for the movies to come out. The acting isn't the greatest, but it fits and you get used to it. It will be sad when the last part comes out. Nothing more to look forward to! I keep looking for something similar to Twilight since it was so enjoyable! I loved all of the movies so far!

The book was amazing, and the movie was great however I would have loved to have seen more of the book in the movie. It was lacking in so many places where I'm saying to myself....did you read the book??? This should have been in here that should have been in here.... but it was a great continuation of the bella edward jacob saga.

The second installment of the Twilight series, I enjoyed this movie way more than the book. Part of the problem with the book, for me, is probably the way the author presents the story. To actually *see* instead just seems to work better. I'm Team Edward all the way but this movie did have me wavering in that faith because I could feel for Jacob's side of things . . . Bella would not have to change anything for him, and she obviously cared about him. A well done adaptation of an iffy book.

I couldn't wait for this movie to come out! I loved the very first Twilight movie. The onscreen chemistry was amazing...but when it came to New Moon...that chemistry just wasn't there anymore. I thought the directing wasn't as good this time around. It seemed as though the actors just lost their luster. I would recommend this movie because it is part of the franchise and for those of us who haven't read the books, it keeps us in the know.

I not to fond of these kinds of movie, I think it has a descent story line but I would like a less vilant movie!

the book def gives more insight into bella's feelings for jacob, but the movie does bring the story to life.