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  • Tkasburg By  Tkasburg    

    Funny movie

    Great movie! It has a funny movie line. I thought it was ok. This movie has a great cast! More of an adult movie.

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    Great cast and it had some funny moments. I liked it better the second time I watched it.

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  • rinaliana27 By  rinaliana27    

    This is a movie that my husband and I never get tired of. We love watching this all the time. Each time we watch it we find something new and funny in the movie. We actually watched it during our last date night! If you haven't seen it or let the first 3 minutes of the movie detour you from watching it look past it and finish watching it because it really is a funny movie. " I am a lead farmer!!!!" Need I say more.

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  • Stef67 By  Stef67    

    Great comedy and a contemporary satire of Apocalypse Now, as well as Hollywood. The roles and cameos are pretty well-cast.

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  • mscupcakegirl By  mscupcakegirl    

    I didn't enjoy the movie. I do have to say that Robert Downey Jr. did a great job in it though.

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  • nicrea05 By  nicrea05    

    I love this movie I thought it was helarious. A good movie that actually kept me laughing the whole time.

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  • MiEliDavis By  MiEliDavis    

    I thought it was ok, but my husband LOVED it.

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  • suki1283 By  suki1283    

    Great movie! It was hilarious and Robert Downy, Jr. was superb!

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  • ecological By  ecological    

    i love this movie!!! Very hysterical,..

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