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  • Daisies911 By  Daisies911    


    This is my go to movie when I need cheering up. It is funny and entertaining. You do need a certain sense of humor for a movie like this.

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  • Dessaraye By  Dessaraye    

    My favorite movie ever. Hilarious, true comedy! Highly recommend this movie to all my 420 friendly people out there!

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  • Skyvark By  Skyvark    

    Hilarious if you love raunchy humor!! I laughed out loud. Nothing funnier than "McLovin"

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  • momztheword By  momztheword    

    Hiilarious. Very funny and quirky. Not exactly a childrens movie but a great laugh for the parents in our household.

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  • oliviacharlene By  oliviacharlene    

    Super funny movie, every time I watch it, its just as funny!

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Hands down one of the funniest movies ive ever seen

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  • mimis1gal By  mimis1gal    

    This movie is so funny. The hijinks these kids get into is so crazy. This is a good movie if you are just looking to laugh and don't mind a little crude humor. We own this and watch it a lot and laugh every time.

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  • cpatino By  cpatino    

    This is one of my favorite movies. I love it and could watch it over and over again. HILARIOUS!!!!

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  • SoQuoted By  SoQuoted    

    Cool movie and It has the weirdest and most relatable jokes ever. You might even feel a little guilty laughing at some of the horrible jokes but as you realise everyone else is laughing tto it creates the best bonding environment!

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  • lucy1234 By  lucy1234    

    I thought this was a funny movie..

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Great movie, super funny, laugh-out-loud funny. I recommend this movie for comedy lovers.

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  • cammih By  cammih    

    This is one of my husband's FAVORITE movies .. I would def say it is more of a guy movie. I thought it was funny but the humor is pretty crude. If you don't like bad language and lude comments, it's not for you. Not that I like those things, but sometimes, when played correctly, it is funny. Not one of my favorites and DEF NOT for KIDS but funny. -Would only recommend to certain friends...

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  • unimandy By  unimandy    

    the hubby & I both LOVE this movie so much!!! It's is histerical & def a good pic if you want a great laugh!!!

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  • Archie By  Archie    

    This movie was hilarious! My husband and I had to pause the movie several times because we were laughing so hard we couldn't see. I would watch this movie over again!! But, it's not for everyone.

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  • jweaver By  jweaver    

    i loved it ! Thought it was hilarious.

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