Movie  Sex in the City

Movie Sex in the City

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I love the entire franchise of SATC. This is a classic show, I can watch reruns over and over again. All the girls play pivotal roles. You can find a little bit of yourself in each character.

Great movie! Especially to get together some girlfriends, open a bottle of wine, and have some laughs!

I was a big fan of the Sex and the City show and the movie did not disappoint. I was hoping for a different ending but I understand why they went the way they did

It's okay, not big on the whole Sex and The City Thing...

I loved this movie! It was hilarious and very heartfelt. A LOT better than I expected it to be! And the girls look better than ever!

Love it. I hated when the tv series ended. It was great to get the opportunity to follow-up with the characters in this movie.

Loved the TV series and was so very sad when they ended it. I absolutely loved the Sex In The City movie and also loved the 2nd movie. I watch re runs all the time on tv.

loved the movie, i am a big fan of the show and the movie was great

Yes I would have to say a really great movie...I hve watched it MANY times there it a great story line for each girl in the movie and just when think you can't watch it anymore its worth watching for the clothes..... The fashion it wonderful..... beautifuil clothes.. would tell this is worth watching.....

This is one of my all time faves. Love it and you can follow even if you didn't watch the whole SATC series. It is a film that will become a classis. Though- the hubby isn't too interested in it!

Watched the film before the tv series. Fun, relatable characters all with potential lessons to offer!

SUCH a great ladies night in movie!! I think every girl can relate to some of the emotions in this movie........great to watch with your girls!

This movie was fabulous for men and women alike. My husband and i laughed so hard when we watched it. It is very sexy ( anyone who watched the series knows what to expect), humor, and even some drama. I would highly recommend it!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Sex In The City! Once I started watching the series I made it a point to finish the entire series before the move was released! LOVE LOVE LOVED! IT!! My husband was even willing to watch! Yea me!! LOL This movie never gets old. Carrie Bradshaw you are my HERO!! Shoes, Sex and Drinks!! What more could you ask for?!?!

This movie was a lot of fun just like the series! And who can resist Chris Noth as Mr. Big?