Movie Madea Goes to Jail

Movie Madea Goes to Jail

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Madea Is the best This flick cracked me up I love Madea she's unstoppable it has a lot of heart but is also comical and entertaining if you like comedy this one is top notch

HILARIOUS! I love Tyler Perry as Madea. The best part about his movies is they always have a lesson or a message. Sofia Vergara is a great addition to this cast. I love how there are 2 different stories playing out in one movie and then they intertwine!

Madea never fails me. Way too funny.

I have never wanted to put myself in a orange jumpsuit so much in all my time.. hands down most hilarious movie I've seen in awhile.

It wasn't as enjoyable as the previews. It seemed some what recycled.

Love Madea! It funny but with a good message like all the Tyler Perry movies. I do enjoy the play versions more though.

I love all Tyler Perry's movies really. This one is hilarious and i think, while it is supposed to be overly funny, really hits on topics that are real- life. I would watch this one again and again.

I lovwe Tyler Perry's movies! This one had a good storyline and was so funny! I think this is one of his best!!

just watched this movie again today...she is so funny

This is one of the best Tyler Perry movies ever. :)

I love any thing tyler perry! This movie was soo funny because Madea don't care she is going to do what she wan to lol! When she beat up her ceil mate that was priceless.

I have this movie and I watch it with my family, but my teen daughter just cracks up.....Madea is too funny!

Super funny movie. Madea is hilarious!

I laughed until it hurt!!!! Madea for

wasn't as enjoyable as the trailer portrayed it to be.