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  • Oki2cali By  Oki2cali    

    A must watch !

    This funny is hilarious lol . If you?re looking for a good funny movie to watch I?d suggest this .

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  • Mom1986 By  Mom1986    


    I've warched this a million times never stops being funny this one cracked me up if you liked big daddy you'll love this movie entertains to the max

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Comedy hit can't miss this one

    This is one of the best Adam Sandler movies I've ever seen super funny relatable characters great cast unique pure gold definitely give this one a try

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  • Claraina By  Claraina    

    Not so good a couple of guys pretending to marry for insurance

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  • kayjo02 By  kayjo02    


    LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF! Boyfriend introduced me to this movie when we moved in together.. didn't know if I would like it? but it was TOTALLY worth the watch!

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  • kimbo755 By  kimbo755    

    Very funny movie

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  • d5sunshine By  d5sunshine    

    Funny, even silly, movie. Adam Sandler and Kevin James are very good in this movie.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    This is a great movie. It's on all the time on TV, and I seem to end up watching it over and over. Great, funny movie. I recommend.

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  • beagle_luvr1 By  beagle_luvr1    

    i thought this was funny! :) i love both actors so its hard to be disappointed! :)

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I can't love the movie and I can't hate it. It was funny and I found it pretty entertaining :) Its something different from all the horror, romance, and historical movies I have watched

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    This movie was so funny.

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