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  • tnshadylady By  tnshadylady    

    Loved it! Would definitely watch it again.

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  • mamatomonsters By  mamatomonsters    

    What a waste of a movie rental. Soooooo boring.

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  • jadedgrin By  jadedgrin    

    The corniest movie Clooney and Pitt have ever made. Such a weird plot. There were a couple of surprising parts in the movie but it was just all around WEIRD! My husband and I did get a good chuckle at Brad Pitt's character though.

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  • oneangelsmiles By  oneangelsmiles    

    Ohh My Heaven! I can't believe that I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching this. It was just plain awful. Dull, boring and no plot to speak of!

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  • Tpeppito82 By  Tpeppito82    

    This movie was AWESOME! Anyone who didn't enjoy, I have to imagine, simply didn't understand. It was some of Clooney's best acting to date. And to see Brad Pitt so outside of his box was refreshing. The eclectic cast made for any easy watch and great chemistry. Kudos Cohen brothers for another genius move!!

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    I can only think of one word to describe this movie Disappointing!

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  • swampfox28 By  swampfox28    

    I kept waiting for this movie to get better - and it didn't! It did have some funny scenes/characters, but overall it wasn't nearly as clever or enjoyable as I'd hoped. The characters were shallow and the violence was over-the-top. I know many people enjoyed it and thought it was great for a dark comedy, but I can't agree...

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