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  • BreLizzy By  BreLizzy    

    The movie is great. Though it makes me cry though thats great cause that's hard to do.

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  • Maritza By  Maritza    

    Its a nice movie, they use a lot of imagination so you know things arenīt real but its a good movie for kids

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  • LisaAsh By  LisaAsh    

    I enjoyed this movie very much. Is it sad? Yes, but it is also a good lesson about life for young people.

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  • ruthhill74 By  ruthhill74    

    I always loved this story in school, and this movie was very good. It followed the plot well. Yes, it's sad, but it is supposed to be. It is for elementary age kids, and I think it is the very kind of story kids should be exposed to.

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  • beagle_luvr1 By  beagle_luvr1    

    good movie but really sad in the end!

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    I read this book, and usually when that happens I don't enjoy the movie much when it comes out. Surprisingly I liked the movie just as much as the book! It has good actors and a good plot. It's original and a good movie for the whole family.

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