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  • abailey109 By  abailey109    

    I absolutely adore this adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. It adds to the original cartoon by tying the two together to more accurately depict the original Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. This version included the famous Bandersnatch poem, and have reason to why Hatters were said to be Mad. It is great for adults and children. This is a must watch for all. I personally own the collector's copy. I'd highly recommend it.

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  • MandyLove1000 By  MandyLove1000    


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  • taybaby1514 By  taybaby1514    

    I was so happy with this movie. It is NOTHING like the original. They managed to keep all of the best characters, but did a total face lift on the story line and made it even better in my opinion. The graphics were amazing, the action was awesome, everyone in my family loves it!

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  • justyme By  justyme    

    very different from the original and i thought it would have better

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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    We brought this one to my mother's house and had a large family night. Everyone agreed they liked this movie which in my large family gatherings doesn't happen often.

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  • Carressaw By  Carressaw    

    Loved this movie it tries to stick with the original movie also I can watch it with my younger kids / teens and they wouldn't get bored

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  • tyleric5234X By  tyleric5234X    

    Fantastic! This movie takes you on a virtual adventure. It is great for kids. Keeps them excited and engaged the whole time. This is my go to movie whenever I have to babysit slightly older kids. Not the best movie for very young kids though... it gives them nightmares.

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  • Sunshinelight By  Sunshinelight    

    I absolutely love this movie! I can watch it 100 times over and still love it!

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  • kaylaadams_ By  kaylaadams_    

    This movie is 100% Tim Burton. Edgier than the original versions of Alice in Wonderland, but overall a good movie. Not something I'd watch more than once or twice in my life. Not a classic.

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  • RedheadBabyMama By  RedheadBabyMama    

    Highly artistic "sequel" to the original stories.

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  • chandlersmommy By  chandlersmommy    

    The artistic direction of this film was amazing! Great story line! It may be a little scary for kids in certain scenes but as an adult, I really enjoyed it and thought it was really well done.

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  • mrsmommywright By  mrsmommywright    

    loved it!!!!!!!!!

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  • aredd205 By  aredd205    

    Mad Hatter and Red Queen were well played and well cast. The ending was strange. The entire movie was a little strange. I enjoyed the classic Alice in Wonderland much more.

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  • hergardengate By  hergardengate    

    Movie was average, it could have been better.

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  • haccoun1967 By  haccoun1967    

    Again, Johnny Depp gives a great performance! this was an awesome rendition of the classic tale, with modern twists & great special effects. rent it if you have not seen it yet!

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