Motorola Xoom Tablet

Motorola Xoom Tablet

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I purchased my Motorola Xoom that included a free keyboardwhich I think isn't a bad price compared to the competition. I would love an iPad because of all of the positive things I've heard about them but I opted for the cheaper, more practical for my pocket book. I mean money is not that easy to come by as a stay at home mom of four, a point my husband made to me after the fact, so regrettably I have since returned my Xoom. Heartbroken to have had to take it back because I LOVED my Xoom. I thoroughly enjoyed the setup options that I had and how I can adjust the layout and everything. My favorite part of the Xoom is that I could have any and all email addresses hooked to the email and easily in one step check to see any new email I may have from my business account, personal account, family account and of course scroll through my daughters account all on one easy to find and very easy to navigate email page. There are more than enough Apps for my needs. They have an AWESOME Christmas gift list App for FREE. And I looked on my iPod and it's not offered by iTunes, which is unfortunate because as much as I love the tablet it was not that convenient when it came to pulling it out in the grocery store to see what's on my grocery list, or whipping it out at Walmart to see who I still need Christmas presents for. But that is an issue you will have with any tablet that is 10.1 inches. I mean you get it for the size you have to deal with the size. They are just Netbooks without keyboards, right? I personally didn't have issues with my Xoom. I really enjoyed everything about it. There were points in which my facebook page needed a little extra time to catch up but all and all I would definitely consider buying another one if I had the money to do so.

This tablet is awsome. You can customize each screen with whatever you want. It is very user friendly and has a ton apps. Many are free. Also in the Android Marketplace you can download free songs! I love this tablet!

I love my Motorola Xoom. It is very portable and I can do anything on it but make a phone call. I can use FaceTime though to talk to my family. I use it as my kindle. It takes great pictures and holds tons of apps with plenty of space left over. I can take it everywhere as it is smaller than a laptop but just as useful.