Motorola Droid X2

Motorola Droid X2

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My Husband had the DroidX and it was great.. so he upgraded us both to the Droid X2 and it has been nothing but problems. It is very slow.. hoses up and txt as well as messages do not come through.. People do not recieve txt from me most of the time... Motorola has always been slow to me in the past and I have stayed away from it.. This just proves me right..

Since our cell provider allowed an early upgrade ( I was still using only a regular phone and envying my hubby's), both my husband and I picked these up for $50 a piece with our new contract at the end of December. I'm in love, I can surf everywhere. I'm also a photo nut and this baby boasts 8mp camera/flash, and HD Video options. That'll work nice for this reviewing mama! Only thing that is causing some problems are even tho my hubby and I have the same FB settings, my notifications are via text rather than actual FB notifier, so I don't get to see what is actually commented on, and on his phone, whenever he dials out he has a blue led light start blinking until he reboots. They are more annoyances than anything, and our rep informed us the initial software update was recalled as it was causing more problems rather than fixing. I'm patient, and I'm thrilled to enter the world of Android. The husband absolutely loves this far more than the Blackberry 9350 he had, for some reason he couldn't get video or very fun apps with that device. Motorola is a trusted brand in our household, and the only downside on phones is the contracts, upgrades, blah blah, that is of no fault of manufacturers-- Rock on, Motorola!

Cellphones are mini computers now and this one is a perfect gem. Touchscreen, faster than the Droid x and slightly sharper screen without the un-needed extras found on the other models. Good chance the price will drop with all the new phones being issued all the time, worth the wait.