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  • lauralee By  lauralee    

    I am also a Blackberry convert. I have an ipad and ipod touch and considered the iphone but the keyboard is just too small for me on the ipod and iphone. I do prefer the keyboard for on the go typing. I am still coming up the learning curve but loving the Droid Pro so far. I wish I had gotten it before I got the ipod touch--I find I don't need both. I can download my music via the Amazon Cloud Player or listen to Pandora while I run. The camera and video camera are taking great shots of my family. And the phone reception seems better than what I had with the Blackberry.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    I used to a Blackberry person, then I got an iPhone, and really liked it, but I missed the Bberry keyboard. So I went back to Bberry, but I missed the touchscreen and apps of the iPhone. The Droid Pro is a compromise between the two - a good keyboard, though not as good as Bberry, and a touchscreen and apps from Android. The only real problem is the battery life - I have a hard time making it through a heavy day of usage, even with wifi and gps turned off.

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