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I enjoy this magazine so much. This is your earth friendly magazine and is so full of ideas, designs, how to's and such great things. Everyone needs to read this magazine and live by some of the recommendations and we could reduce so many bad things for us and the environment it would be amazing. The homemade articles for bread and food storage is great. You will want to just dive right in and give some of these a try when you read this magazine.

I love this magazine so much; I wish it came out monthly instead of bimonthly. It has so many great articles and tips on gardening, livestock/hobby farms, alternative energies for the home, recipes, and other homesteading. I recently subscribed to the magazine (you can order the print version with free digital issues, or just select digital to be environmentally concious). I am planning on ordering the DVD archives of the magazine that span years 1970-2010 as a gift to myself :)

I really like this magazine. I put it up there with Hobby Farms and Hobby Farms Home. Although it is not as good as Countryside Magazine.

I would love to start getting this magazine.. I really love it.

I have loved this magazine most my life. It has articles that I love to read. I have kept every issue. I haven't made the bread yet but with these reviews I am going to try it now!

Some of the articles could be a little more in-depth, but overall I love this magazine. The tips in the beginning alone are usually worth the low subscription cost. In fact, in the last issue, serendipity sent a tip that saved me about 60% on my summer school text books!

I agree, it is a great mag. Love the green ideas and the garden articles!

This is the only mag I get that I actually read from cover to cover. The 5 minute a day bread is wonderful. Go to their website and check it out, you don't have to be a subscriber, it's the greatest bread ever! Yes, a lot of the ideas aren't practical for everyone, but I've learned so much. I get lots of magazines, but this one is by far my favorite. It's expensive to buy each issue, but a year subscription is only $10. I HIGHLY recommend this mag to anyone looking to reduce their negative impact on our environment.