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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    This is the most popular brand for salt. I have this in my house :} Good to add flavor to anything!

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  • caitlins_mommy By  caitlins_mommy    

    This is the only kosher salt I will buy. It is by far the best kosher salt in my opinion.

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  • princess51 By  princess51    

    all I use for cooking

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  • kayla87 By  kayla87    

    This is a great product

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  • lil_bit2089 By  lil_bit2089    

    This is by far my favorite salt to use in cooking. It adds great flavor to all kinds of dishes and you really don't have to add a lot.

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  • MyLittlePrincessK By  MyLittlePrincessK    

    This is also our choice for cooking salt. We use it for almost everything, boiling corn on the cob, rubbing for ribs, Definitely a pantry staple item!

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  • beevet By  beevet    

    this is a great salt for pickling as it doesn't contain iodine

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  • Desertrose81 By  Desertrose81    

    I love this salt because its coarse ground. I use this in my guacomole or boiling pasta.

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  • kolorlady By  kolorlady    

    Hubby picks this up at store for his rib rubs. Great timeless product. It's one of those staples you can't do without.

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  • Carebare128 By  Carebare128    

    I love this salt.You need less and still get the great flavor.I buy it every time.Would recommend it for anyone trying to watch their salt intake.Taste great and easy to use.Defiantly recommend it.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    This is the salt we keep by the stove for cooking. Because the flakes are big, it's easy to poor a bunch in your hand, grab a pinch in your fingers, and then drop it into whatever you're cooking.

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