Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

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Worth the price for sure Yuuuup, I don't even care if this product is on the pricier side but when my hair is frizzing, I use a dab of this and it is incredible. Makes my hair sleek and shiny and smell absolutely amazing!

Literally the greatest thing I have ever put on my hair. Buy it!

Smells Amazing, Cheaper Versions Do the Trick If someone gave me this as a gift, I'd be elated - that said, I can't justify the price of this when I know other brands do hair oils that work just as well for about 1/4th the price. 10 points for that signature MO fragrance, though. Yum.

The way that this leaves my hair smelling is the number one seller. It is a little pricey. But, a bottle lasts me quite awhile so I feel that it's completely worth it. My hair feels like silk every time I use it. Great product to use if you do a lot of heat damage and coloring to your hair.

Works great in my natural hair. It's just really costly. I got a sample and loved it; went to the store to buy it, saw the price and wanted to cry. It's a good product, but it shouldn't be as pricey as it is.

This product smells wonderful and adds a great shine to the hair but other than that there is no other benefits to using the product. It is also pretty costly.

This product is nothing short of amazing. Not only did my hair smell amazing after using this, it also left my hair feeling smooth and after awhile of using it my hair didn't feel as dry and brittle as when I first started using it.

Love it. Leaves my hair shiny n soft

Love it. Leaves my hair shiny n soft

Very expensive I can buy other products that work just as good for a lot cheaper!! It's a good product I jus can't see spending that much money on a product that I can get cheaper!!

Wonderful product! Worth the few extra bucks it costs to not weigh down my fine/thin hair, yet it provides sleek healthy sheen and shine to it! I would highly recommend trying this, even if your hair is fine and thin/lifeless. It's amazing at reviving a dull look. It smells wonderful too!

This product smells really good and is a nice consistency, however it did not work well in moisturizing my hair. My hair gets really dry and while my hair looks oiled and smells great my hair quenched for something more.

this is my go to hair treatment conditioner it works great for curly hair. love how smooth hair feels and it smells really good.

Like it

One of my all time favorite hair smoothing products! The smell is amazing, it smooths your hair like crazy without getting heavy or too oily, and it holds that style for days. Tends to be expensive but it is worth every penny.