Monster  Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

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Not a fan I am not a huge fan of monster energy drinks or any energy drinks honestly. Gives me major heartburn and my heart races too much.

Monster pros and con Monsters do give you the energy rush you need. They are affordable and roughly around 2 bucks to buy one. They offer many flavors too. But? the one thing I don?t like is once it where?s off I get very sleepy the crash comes rather quickly.

Top notch energy and taste This is my go to when I need a pick up in energy. The flavor is great, no after taste. Gives me the boost I need to get what I need to get done, done.

My favorite energy drink. The green monster is my favorite energy drink by far. That frist drink out of a fresh opened can adter not having one for awhile is difficult the first few times but I look forward to it now, its gow I know its a good can.

Love it My main go to drink for energy, not super great tasting but it grows on you.

People say they are bad for you but i love them. I love the taste especially the original. They give me the boost of energy i need. My favorite drink.

I love,love,love this! Just enough to get me going when coffee won't do the job!

I love the coffee monster drinks.. hell I love em all!!

love the White and Red Monster drinks!!! Plus they have no Calories

the taste is good as long as your used to energy drinks, and does give you energy but you should pace yourself while drinking it or you may get a migraine.

This product is alright, but I prefer to drink another brand.

Really tangy wakes up the taste buds quickly. The original is the best kind. Helps motivate late at night no crash later but the sting of tang kinda throws it off.

Not too fond of the taste and not feeling the energy boost talked about

I really don't care for the energy drinks. The only kind of Monster I'll drink is the java. The others are terrible. I have no clue why so many people are crazy over this. It's overly carbonated, too sugary, and you crash really hard after the caffeine wears off. What's so great about that?

The taste of the original Monster energy drink is one I'm not fond of. I am an energy drink junkie. Lol. I have a can daily instead of coffee... I do like monster energy drinks in the tea lemonade flavor. It tastes like a half and half.. Also the pink lemonade is also good. And if I'm drinking a version with sugar I like the punch. It tastes like fruit punch soda.