Money Can Buy Happiness...In Bed

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 02, 2012

We all know money doesn’t buy happiness, but what if we added “in bed” to the end of that sentence? A new study suggests those who have more money in their bank accounts report having better sex lives (and more of it) than those with less money.

CNN reports about the survey conducted by Prince & Associates Inc. that reveals 70% of multi-millionaires (with a net worth of $90 million) admit to having “better and more adventurous sex”. Wealth Report writer, Robert Frank, explains the findings saying, “Fully 63% of rich men said wealth gave them 'better sex,' which they defined as having more-frequent sex with more partners. That compares to 88% of women who said more money gave them better sex, which they defined as 'higher quality' sex.”

It makes sense that not having much financial burden or stress would free you up to fully enjoy other aspects of your life more and more frequently. The sense of stability and added luxury of being able to vacation more probably makes it possible to enjoy a fuller sex life with your partner.

But even if you’re making much less than millions, simply increasing the amount you and your partner have sex (or even just cuddle) can boost your overall happiness. According to research, increasing sexual intercourse from once a month to once a week would boost your mood as much as adding $50,000 a year to your bank account. Simple positive exchanges like hugs, cuddles, and extra date nights can prove to work magic as long as they outnumber negative exchanges you have with your spouse day to day.

What do you think of the new research suggesting wealthy people have better sex lives?

What aspects of your life affect your mood the most?

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MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Nov 03, 2012

I am pretty sure their "partners" only sleep for the money, not for the love. I won't call it happiness if you have to BUY the sex. i rather have love then a loveless sex life, but whatever floats their boat. they have the money.