Moms Come Together for Serena Williams. How's Your Mom Guilt? Tell Us to Win a $25 Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.12.18
Moms Come Together for Serena Williams. How's Your Mom Guilt? Tell Us to Win a $25 Gift Card

Most working (and even non-working) parents know the disappointing feeling of missing one of their baby’s milestones. Whether it be their first word or first step, it can be hard to be present for these unpredictable moments. Tennis star and new mom Serena Williams recently joined the working parents’ club when she tweeted about missing 10-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.’s first steps.

It seems that all moms have some guilt about something they did or didn't do. What's yours and how do you deal with it? Tell us below and you'll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. 

Today reports about Williams’ recent tweet and the large community of moms that came together to send the tennis champion an uplifting message about parenthood and what it means to be a working mom. Williams recently tweeted, “She took her first steps...I was training and missed it. I cried.” Instead of chastising the new mom, others on social media stood up to assure Williams that being a working parent can be complicated - but still very rewarding.

One user who related to Williams tweeted, “I missed a bunch of firsts while I was at work. I hear ya, mama. It’s not easy. But our girls see us out there grinding + living our dreams and that’s got to mean something. Good luck in London - my daughter and I are both rooting for you!” Another user told the story of how she even brought her baby with her to work and still missed that milestone. She tweets, “I took my 1st child all the way to Israel on a trade mission. During a meeting I heard cheering out in the waiting area .... Yup, staff and husband and assorted strangers saw her 1st steps. It all turns out okay. #Workingmomsrock”

And even stay-at-home moms know it’s not always possible to be there for every single new thing your baby does. One mom to twins tweets, “I'm a housewife and was in the next room and I missed it. With both of the twins. Please don't feel bad. Be happy for her and be ready for the running after her.” Hopefully, those loving messages helped to clear some of the mom-guilt Williams was probably feeling after missing her daughter’s first steps.

Do you have mom guilt? (What mom doesn't?!?) Comment below with your story - and you'll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Don't forget to share any lessons you've learned that can help others feel better about their experiences in parenting.


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  • jwantink By jwantink

    Not enough individual time with each kid.

  • ooster1 By ooster1

    have no mom guilt

  • sweetnsalty By sweetnsalty

    I feel guilty when in the split second I'm not looking they get a bump on their head or a bruise from something or another.

  • Pri9949 By Pri9949

    I have 2 kids and my guilt is that I didn?t spend as much time with my second as much as I gave the first.. the first time i was careful and more giving.. by the second I felt more confident about motherhood so took it easy on me but hard on her

  • melmorgan4 By melmorgan4

    Feeling guilty about missing a school choir performance.

  • IamStacy50 By IamStacy50

    When my son was about 3 him and his best friend (My best friends son) Were in the room making a play fort. They had put part of the empty fish tank to hold it down and then....Bam glass shattered. My son's friend was cut on hand, not needed stitches. OMGosh I couldn't stop crying, felt like I should go to jail for letting it happen. I didn't even think about that fish tank to move it right away. I STILL feel horrible. My friends still by best friend.

  • Kylazlb By Kylazlb

    I used to have a lot of mom guilt over not being as put together of a mom as my mother. She took care of my brother and I alone for a lot of the time because my dad was in the Navy and would be gone for months on end. I always remember her being so strong. I never remember seeing her cry or us going without anything. I once broke down during a trying financial time and told her that i felt guilty for not being her. She told me there were many many days she felt overwhelmed and shed stressed out tears in the shower. She also told me there was one summer we had to shut the cable off and could only watch movies. I remember that summer..,.. as one of the funnest summers ever. All of the downfalls we had, my mom spun it as something positive and us kids saw it as that. we moms are our own worst critics

  • Havamarie475 By Havamarie475

    I have mom guilt all the time about everything but I know my mom did too and everything worked out fine. I think we all just need to do what we need to do and love our kids with everything we got.

  • raggammuffin By raggammuffin

    I do have mom guilt and my child is 11 already! But I trust that God made me to do this and He will empower me to make the right decisions and help me be the mom He wants me to be.

  • Ashleigh3 By Ashleigh3

    I feel guilty for sometime cleaning instead if playing with my son.

  • Charash14 By Charash14

    I regret working when my first born was so little.

  • marsem11 By marsem11

    My mommy guilt is that I let my son play video games more then I thought I would. I try to limit screen time but lets be real, some days you just need that extra hour to get things done and with the kids out of the way its easier.

  • hubbalance By hubbalance

    I feel so guilty I never had another child so my son could have a sibling.

  • gelato By gelato

    I feel guilty that American mothers are the only ones among developed nations who are not guaranteed paid maternal leave. I feel guilty I have no ways of explaining how wrong and unfair it is to them, and I feel even more guilty knowing that I'll never be able to change anything.

  • buzymum By buzymum

    I am the mother of five children. The last time I say my third-born son Matthew was June 2014. I was hurt and frustrated by our last conversation -- I wish I could go back and tell him I love him and that in spite of our differences we could work things out.

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