Mom's Day Off

   By TingsMom  Feb 18, 2012

I have been completely exhausted! Hubby and I have an almost-three year old daughter and I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our son.  We both work full-time outside the home, and we work hard to make our home run smoothly.  However (as I'm sure is true at your home)  most of the domestic and childcare duties fall on mommy.

I leave the house, daughter in tow, at 7am each morning.  We arrive home around 5:45p, which gives me just enough time to get supper started before hubby gets home around 6:30pm.  I pick up the house and do some laundry while dinner is cooking.  After dinner, the dishes have to be done, kid has to have a bath and ready for bed, and everything else that comes up.

$PullQuote$I'm sure you are just nodding your head in agreement here.  It's no wonder mommy's are completely worn out all of the time.

With only nine more weeks until we add to the chaos at our house, I decided I needed a day off.  A day off? What mom gets a day off? Didn't we all sign up for this crazy, exhausting life?

I asked hubby if I could have a few hours to myself on Saturday.  To my surprise, he announced that he had planned to go visit his parents on Saturday so he would just take our daughter with him.  To top it off, he decided they would leave Friday night. What! A whole night and a day?

I haven't had a full night sleep in months.  Pregnancy has kept me from sleeping, kept me from being comfortable, kept me from being a good mommy.  I enjoyed leftover pizza Friday night and then snuggled down in my daughter's bed (she has the most comfortable mattress in the world).  I slept ALL NIGHT!!

I woke up refreshed and ready to conquer the world.  I got started on some sewing projects that desperately need to be done before baby boy arrives.  I did three loads of laundry.  I roamed around Walmart without a care in the world.  I sat on the couch and watched the Food Network for a couple of hours.

No one asked me to do anything.  No one screamed "Mommy" in my ear for 24 hours.  No one cried, wet in their pants, harassed the dog, asked to watch cartoons.

A Mommy Day Off.  It was perfect.  It was exactly what I needed.  By the time hubby arrived home I was refreshed.  I was happy to see both of them.  I was ready to be Mommy again!

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