Mom's Best Blueberry Wheat-fuls

Mom's Best Blueberry Wheat-fuls

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Good cereal My family really likes these, though I prefer regular ones of this brand. I do like the brand though and their ingredients.

These are amazing and a favorite in our home. We are cereal freaks to say the least and these Blueberry Wheatfuls are always on our shopping list.

My favorite cereal!!! These Blueberry Wheatfuls are my new favorite cereal. I really like the Kellogg's Mini Wheats the original kind but when I found these I just had to try them. They are so good! I don' t feel bad when I eat these and I think it is because they don't have BHT in it like Kellogg's does. I like that this cereal uses real fruit juice to give it color and taste. This cereal is more natural than other cereals and it isn't more expensive. It is about $2.99 which is about the same as other cereals. This is my have to have cereal. This keeps me full longer than most other cereal because it has fiber and I like that the biscuits stay together. This has become one of my all time favorites.