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  • mebnme By  mebnme    

    it had a soft glow to it but would love more designs to choose from.

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  • rmccoy1234 By  rmccoy1234    

    My daughter's favorite light in the night. And, safe for a young child's room.

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  • Kaylamandis By  Kaylamandis    

    We bought this to take with us on vacation. My son sleeps with it every night. It is not too dim or too bright and I love that it has a timer! This is the only night light my son has ever loved.

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  • nikkisg By  nikkisg    

    These are perfect not to bright or two dark i have two one in the kids room and one on the bathroom

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  • LeeLeeLove101 By  LeeLeeLove101    

    The light is a good amount for a child. My daughter likes it and it soothes her to sleep. I think they are a little pricey.

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  • salisburyjen By  salisburyjen    

    We had two of these when they first came out. I liked the idea a lot and was excited to show my daughter. The light was just the right amount and my daughter was very comfortable with it. But I wish it had more settings. And the worst part it went through batteries so fast. Then the cover to the battery broke so we couldn't use it anymore.

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  • shelstrat By  shelstrat    

    Great idea, however, I had to change the batteries after only a couple of nights. At first I thought maybe it was just old batteries that I had put in, but it wasn't because the other batteries I put in (an additional 3 sets) the same thing happened to me. I can't afford to buy that many batteries a week. Maybe I just got a defective one.

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  • PunkyNVS By  PunkyNVS    

    I love this light! It is something my daughter has taken to bed with her since she was born. The only problem is that she likes to play with it and when she has dropped it, the battery compartment door has broken off. We have went through two of them already. I recently saw in the store that they offer a newer version of this that is rechargable and sits on a base to recharge. I fully intend to purchase this one for my daughters birthday. Hopefully without the batter door to pop off, it will last!

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  • Tiarina By  Tiarina    

    I love this little guy. His color rotates through the color spectrum, and he can be set to one color. He works even in a dimly lit room. We have other night lights like this one, but this is the best!

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  • jennfc24 By  jennfc24    

    I thought this was such an awesome idea. And my friends with toddlers raved about it. It only lasted about 3 months, which coincidentally is the amount of the warranty. It just stopped working, my daughter isn't a rough with her toys either, then maybe I could understand, it she threw it around or something. I am especially disappointed in the company, it has been months since I emailed them about it and am still waiting for a response.

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  • mckenna2098 By  mckenna2098    

    This sounds really cool i am acctually considering this for myself ....

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  • OKDebbi By  OKDebbi    

    I bought this when our grandson went from the crib to a toddler bed. He was used to sleeping in complete darkness but the transition brought out some fears. We use the timer mode so he can go off to sleep and then it shuts off. We used a night light but then had to go in and shut it off ourselves. I like the soft glow it creates, very comforting. Our grandson thinks so too...he's off to dreamland with no problems every night.

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  • supercalifragilous By  supercalifragilous    

    I got these online for a really great price; it pays to shop around and wait for a deal. I've seen them @ Sam's Club online as well. I've seen them as low as $7-$12. Ikea came out with a similar concept and is actually better. Tykelight is hard plastic; Ikea's version is soft silicone material; the downside to Ikea's is that it only comes in 3 colors - red, green, and blue, and the shape is different according to the color. II find that the battery lasts just as long and it's also rechargeable; Ikea's is the cheaper alternative, plus if she drops it, I don't worry about it breaking.

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