Miralax Laxative Powder

Miralax Laxative Powder

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The Best I use to get constipated all the time. The only thing that helped was Miralax. After being on it for a few weeks, I have never had trouble with my bowels again.

Easy and effective When I had to get cleaned out before going in for my colonoscopy, I used this stuff. I'd never used Miralax of any kind before. I mixed it in some Gatorade, and soon enough I was ship shape and ready for the doc. This product did its job well without me cramping or fearing I might have to buy new underwear. I wouldn't take it for fun, but using this product was a painless enough process.

Works good and no surprises. Helps but not too strong. Great that it has no taste or texture.

Have used this a few time and it does work. It's not instant but it helps when you can't make a BM on your own. To me it does have a slight oily taste to it

I have used this product from time to time. When I am highly stressed it has really been a life saver...works better than anything else that i know of.

I've used this with clients I have taken care of and it really seems to do the trick. It's tasteless and odorless too so that is a plus.

I use this product because i take medication that causes me issues. I really like that you cant taste or see it in whatever you mix it with. It does not cause you cramps or any discomfort at all. I really like this and i think you will too.

I use this on my son everyday. The Dr recommended it. It works right away for him with no stomach discomfort or accidents.

when i use it does the job and does it well

Let me say straight up front: this is a good product. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it. This is a tasteless, powdered laxative you introduce into a liquid, stir until dissolved, and drink. It really is tasteless, it isn't gritty, and you'll hardly notice it. It does very slightly change the viscosity of the liquid, and all the stirring might change the temperature of the liquid if you have a very hot or cold starting point. Choose a middle range and you might not notice. After a surgery with anesthesia, I needed to use a laxative and was instructed to use Miralax. It did take a day to get to work, but I used it as directed for a week and things went quite smoothly. I kept it on hand after that and have used it since whenever I have had a need for such a product. It came in handy again when I had my first colonoscopy last fall. It was part of my prep and worked like a charm. So, not only is it hard to tell you are consuming such a medicine, but it works. What more could you ask of a laxative?

Def did its job.

This product does it's job. I only put four stars because I never liked taking medications in powder like they have this one listed. I just think it is difficult to take. Be careful with over use because you could wind up masking a much bigger problem. I like it because it is kid friendly. Of course, watch the dosage but if you have a kid who likes cheese (like mine) and can get constipated, sometimes a little of this can help smooth things over.

When my middle son was young he had problems with his bowels and he had to take Miralax everyday to stay regular. As long as he took it he was ok but if he missed it, we would have problems again. Worked great and is gentle for kids too.

Was advised to take this everyday by my doctor. Ummm, yea, a week later and nothing but looking 7 months pregnant! It was painful, uncomfortable, and did nothing for me if you know what I mean. At one point I actually considered heading the the ER because I was so uncomfortable. How much water can a person drink to get things working?! Won't be using this again.

I recently received two free sample packets of Miralax (the women's laxative) and decided to try it. Now, I must say this first; I have celiac's disease (which means my digestive system can't handle gluten products) and I deal with stomach upset and constipation quite often. There's not many laxatives out there that don't make your stomach already feel worse. But, with Miralax I felt fine. It is absolutely tasteless, I put it in my diet pop. I even gave my 7 year daughter, who also has celiac's, a half of dose and she felt fine afterwards. This is definitely a product to try if you don't agree with other laxatives.