Milton Bradley Taboo

Milton Bradley Taboo

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Totally Recommend for all ages My family and I play as much as Pol play monopoly. I do recommend getting the newest version!

Fun for everyone Great to have for rainy days and nights with guests! This is a fun game that almost everyone can play.

Must have This is a very fun game to play with friends or your family. Must have for people who like to have a game night.

A ton of fun. Taboo is one of our family's all-time favorite games. I wish there were expansion packs because once you've played a few times you get familiar with the cards/words. But more laughs have been had over this game than any other we've played. It's really a ton of fun.

Family Fun! One of the best family games to play! Always a good time for all ages!

Fun, simple game We love this game. It does require reading. The idea is to quickly describe different words without using the included list of related words. I'd recommend it for older kids and adults.

Consistently fun, for a wide range of players This is our family's favorite game - kids and grandparents included. The game requires at least 2 teams of two players. One player will be given a card and will have to explain the word 'Horse' for example to their teammate without using a list of Taboo words such as animal, mane, hay etc. No actions or noises allowed. It forces you to get creative with your words and explanations. Highly recommend!

Taboo! Is a must do! Family time! It's amazing how a game can bring a family to tears with laughter! It is so nice to unplug for a while and enjoy the family time! You can learn so much in just watching each other's laughter! I highly recommend Taboo be a part of your gaming night!

Make old things new again We had this game before losing it sometime during a recent move. We play tons of games and honestly this one didn't get played as much. It just was not a fit for a growing family at the time, but now that they are almost all grown up I think this might be a better fit now. I would like to try playing it again to see how the grown kids like it now.

Love This Game! Such a fun game to play with family/friends! We always have a blast! Last time we played there were 10 of us and we couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

FUN, FUN, FUN! We love this game! It's one of our family favorites. Tons of fun!

My family really enjoys this game. It teaches you patience, reading carefully and thinking fast. We all love to hit the buzzer when someone makes a mistake.

fun party game We have lots of fun with Taboo! I play with my friends during our gatherings. I wish they had an expansion pack because I feel we went through all the cards already, lol.

One of my favorite games! It's so fun, and it's very easy to catch on. Plus, kids love the buzzer.

Really fun game! Easy to get caught in a taboo word! My family and I used to play this game when I was younger. For a variety of age ranges.