Milton Bradley Battleship

Milton Bradley Battleship

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fun game This is such a classic game. I didn't play it much growing up unless I was at my cousins house. Ever since I had my boys, we would play it all the time. It's a great strategy game but I don't recommend it for little ones that like to put things in their mouths because there are small pieces.

This game is great. I loved playing it as a kid. My husband wins every time we play. My kids on the other hand, haven't figured out how a grid works, so playing with them is hilarious and a touch frustrating (I've tried to teach them the grid, they still don't get it).

Family night classic Let's admit it: this game is a classic! It's fun and doesn't force you to rack your brain to play. For a family game night, this game is perfect for parents who want to have fun with their children after a long day at work, this is a great option.

Full of Fun! My Autistic son can even play this game and have fun doing so. I will play with him and we will have fun all the time. He normally gets my ships without a problem. This is a good game to play strategies and learning about human responses. Love this game and it goes back in time.

Gotta love the classics. The only issue I have is sometimes the plastic ships won't insert and stay where they're supposed to. Other than that, I really still love this game. would buy again in a second.

I use to love this game as a kid I use to play with my dad. I recently bought it as an adult and proud to say I `love it even more as an adult .

One of the few games that I still have from my childhood. My set is over 40 years old. I love playing it with my children.

This is just a great classic game! I've been playing this game since I was a kid, and now love playing it with my kids and grand kids! This is a game of skill and strategy! But it's a fun two player game!

Battleship is a classic game. Fun for kids & adults alike. Everyone gets excited to say "sunk". This game is great for any generation.

I grew up on Battleship before it was made electronic. Loved it then and love the nice sound effects now! My kids loved it too growing up. Of course those little red and white pegs can get all over so I put them in little baggies in the box for safe keeping.

i love this game and still do gotta think hard on this one love it

It is a good family game! I would definitely recommend it!

I love playing this game as a kid. Now that I play with my daughter she loves it took.

This is one of those games that doesn't get old through the years. I work with international students and they love playing this game. It's a lot of fun and the language barrier doesn't get in the way with this game. It's so fun to watch how excited everyone gets when they sink a ship!

Played this game as a kid with my brother and sister and it is often out and I see my boys playing. Memories.