Millennial Women Get A little Help Planning Their Future With the Timeline Project

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 08, 2014

Planners of the world have taken much solace in sights like Pinterest that allow them to fantasize and put together their goals and dreams online before they actually materialize. It’s a way to visualize and understand what we want before we actually attain these things. A new site that is aimed at helping millennial women plan just about anything from starting a family to launching a startup is called the Timeline Project.

Forbes reports about the Timeline Project developed by Bayer HealthCare that allows women to create a timeline of their goals and plans for the future. Some ideas for goals listed on the site include “Get my dream job”, “Become a YouTube star”, “Launch a startup” and “Adopt a kid”. The site offers informative articles to accompany goals like birth control options for those looking at family planning and job tips for those looking to start a new career.

Just about anything can be a goal like avoiding negativity in your life or just brushing and flossing every day. The site, which offers a lot of information about family planning, hopes to help guide millennial women through the process of nabbing that career she wants and finding a balance if she also would like to start a family.

Inge Weber, a vice president in the Women’s Healthcare division at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, explains the Timeline Project’s vision for success. She says, “The Timeline Project was designed to support and empower Millennial women as they plot their life goals and future milestones, which may or may not include starting a family.” Weber adds, “We see The Timeline Project as a way to give support to today’s Millennial woman by providing her with practical information that she can use to work toward achieving her life goals – and that includes education about family planning options.”

Actress and comedian Franchesca Ramsey has become a user and embassador of the site. She explains her experience using the Timeline Project saying, “In the past there was a more traditional route and that’s really changed for young women. Today’s 20-something might start in one career and do another, or leave school, people are starting their own businesses, the path is very different … It’s been a great place to look at my goals and write them down and really focus.” She adds, “The biggest thing I hope women get out of this project is that their dreams are achievable if you combine the will and the resources to get them done.”

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FreeBeingX by FreeBeingX | ANCHORAGE, AK
Aug 09, 2014

As an older woman (non-Millennial), I wish there was something for my age group, but I would definitely recommend this to the younger women in my life.