Millennial Dads Do It Better: A New Study Finds Millennial Dads More Satisfied Than Single Men

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 27, 2016

Though many are waiting a lot longer than previous generations to start a family, it seems millennial men are really enjoying fatherhood. A new study suggests millennial men who have children report that they are much more satisfied in their work and home life than single men.

CNN reports about the study from Boston College that surveyed more than 1,000 men in professional careers ages 22 to 35. What they found was that men who had children were more satisfied with their lives overall. They were more likely to stay with their employer and be happier at work and they were also more likely to rate their life conditions as excellent. Co-author of the study Brad Harrington says, “When you look at the percentages and the scores, fathers just seemed to have richer, more meaningful lives that they were more satisfied with than their single counterparts.”

The study also shows how the changing roles of families are leading to a happier union between parents. The men involved in the study who shared caregiving duties equally with their spouse were the ones to report highest levels of satisfaction. The equal duty dads were also likely to feel more respected in the workplace and part of a group.

And even though millennials are known for holding off on marriage and starting a family for longer, researchers involved in the study say that when they do they are enjoying themselves thoroughly. Harrington explains, “Even though people may say, 'Oh, millennials don't care about having kids' ... and they may be more reluctant or they may be delaying their decision ... (fatherhood) clearly is enriching the lives of these men, at least according to their self-report.”

What do you think of the study that suggests millennial fathers are more satisfied with their lives overall than single men?

Do you think sharing the role of caregiver is important for overall satisfaction?

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AnonEmus by AnonEmus | MOUNT CLEMENS, MI
Jul 15, 2016

Of course fatherhood is more satisfactory than being single!! At least with a baby they will ALWAYS want you...and theyll always be there...24/7 ;)