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  • molivos By  molivos    

    Smart choice, especially for being on the go

    I like that it is relatively easy to find and as a light flavor. Home brewed tea is a bargain compared to buying it on the road. You save the retail prices and also avoid using more disposable cups if you forget to bring your own.

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  • maradra1983 By  maradra1983    

    I recommend it!

    The Mighty Leaf green tea tropical is perfect for my daily routine. Every time I am drinking it the tropical aroma takes me to heaven! If you love green tea this is a must try!

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  • Luvzflowers By  Luvzflowers    

    I enjoy drinking many different kinds of tea. This had a wonderful aroma while brewing. It has a pleasant tropical flavor that is not overpowering. I did not add any sweetener to it.

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  • mollymew12 By  mollymew12    

    Tasty Tea

    I really enjoyed this tea. I like to start my morning with it, and it has a great flavor and taste. Easy to make and a great way to wake up.

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  • justonechick By  justonechick    

    Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical

    Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical is a taste of heaven. I love it as an ice tea in the summer. The product has the essence of a green tea yet is filled with robust flavors of tropical fruit. Add tiny diced, peaches, mango, strawberries into your tall glass of Mighty Leaf Tea Green Tea Tropical ice tea and place a straw and sip to your delight on a hammock in a field of flowers. Just heaven.

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  • lifeinpumps By  lifeinpumps    

    Green tea lover

    Perfect for the green tea lover! I keep extra in my purse so I'm never without.

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  • Gallagss By  Gallagss    

    My favorite of all the mighty leaf teas. Mmmmhmm delicious.

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  • Gallagss By  Gallagss    

    My favorite of all the mighty leaf teas. Mmmmhmm delicious.

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  • mdclark96 By  mdclark96    

    One of my favorite green teas! I buy relatively expensive teas, but I think this tea is reasonably priced for the quality. I like that each bag is individually wrapped and also the very mild taste of the tea itself. 5 stars!!

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  • assembler By  assembler    

    The brand Mighty Leaf makes tremendous tea for the commercial market. Fabric bags and quality tea leaves ooze from the bags. Not sure about the tropical flavor aspect here but its not too bad I suppose.

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  • Sparkles9124 By  Sparkles9124    

    I always like drinking black tea, love teas that cleanse too, tried a few brands of green tea before settling for this brand. Doesn't taste as awful as the others.

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  • VictoriaSmith By  VictoriaSmith    

    The perfect green tea blend. Love this one!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I love the aroma and the sweet tropical flavor. No sugar needed!

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    One star, I hate this tropical addition to green tea, because I just want green tea plain.

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  • zoeybeth10 By  zoeybeth10    

    this tea was very, very good. The flavor was amazing and while some teas taste watery, this one didn't.

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