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  • lauren75 By  lauren75    

    It is expensive, but it works very well and is very durable. I would recommend it!

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  • moxiestmarie By  moxiestmarie    

    I recently purchased this vacuum. I have a child and 2 dogs, 2 cats in a small apartment. I do a lot of vacuuming!! Yes, the Neptune is expensive, but I have bought two vacuums in the past five years. This one is projected to last 20 years!!! I won't be spending money to replace broken belts every few months. I love that I can switch the settings and move with ease over my area rugs , to carpet, to tile. I can get into small spaces. I LOVE this machine. She hums like a German automobile. This was a large purchase for me, but well worth it. Wonderful product, I love this vacuum.

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  • Deirdre32 By  Deirdre32    

    I love my miele vacuum! I have a large family and dog and I'm always vacuuming. I've owned other vacuums (Kenmore, Hoover, Dyson) and nothing comes close to the quality of the miele. It's worth every penny!

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  • countrybabe1208 By  countrybabe1208    

    Way to much money for me.

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    i know that it is a good vaccum but than i want to spend

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  • missmarymac By  missmarymac    

    Compact and lightweight, Miele?s S4 Galaxy Series Vacuum Cleaners are easy to use and quiet! The entry-level S4212 Polaris and Neptune vacuum cleaners come complete with a Super Air Clean Filter, manual power controls on the canister, three professional grade accessory tools and more. The Super Air Clean Filter can be replaced with a HEPA Filter (sold separately) if desired. Color and the type of standard floor tool are what separate the Polaris and Neptune from each other. The light blue Polaris comes standard with a combination floor tool and can be upgrade to our Deluxe or Supreme package to include additional floor tools to accommodate highly polished bare floors and low-medium pile carpets. The turquoise Neptune comes standard with a parquet floor brush and air-driven turbo brush for highly polished bare floors and low-medium pile carpets. This vacuum is amazing! My rugs look as clean as they did when I first bought them 3 years ago! The vacuum has an active air filter too so it cleans the air while cleaning my floors! My house has leveler windows that do not keep the dirt out so there is always dust in my home. But this vacuum has helped so much that I feel like I moved into a new home. The quality is unmatched.

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