Microsoft Vista Operating System

Microsoft Vista Operating System

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Ugh! Vista! This is the worst operating system that I (or anyone I have ever talked with) has owned. I tried and tried and tried to remove it from my old computer, but it was so messed up and screwy that overwriting it from the factory was a pain and a half. I finally just bought a new hard-drive for my computer that had a different version of Windows on it. I couldn't even transfer everything over to the new hard-drive because Vista had so many flaws it wouldn't let me do anything without being the 'administrator' (which I WAS!!)... this OS was terrible.

Did not care for Vista. It was not as user friendly asWindows XP or 7. If you are not a pro don't go there.

I have been a windows user for a long time now. This was the most disappointing version of windows yet. I am the go to person in my building for computer problems. When someone tells me they have vista I groan inwardly (and often outwardly.) I have made it my personal mission to convert as many friends and family to Windows 7 just to make my life easier. When I got a great deal on a refurbished laptop that came with vista the first thing I did with my shiny new laptop was install Windows 7 and remove the Vista sticker (just in case anyone with any tech sense saw my computer and wanted to judge my intelligence.)

My husband is a tech, so he knows first-hand how horrible VISTA is. The security holes make the word "security" a joke. It's more prone to self-downloading malware without user consent (which is amazing considering Windows, in general, does this). Also, it's less compatible with hard- and software. VISTA stands for Viruses Infections Spyware Trojans Adware.

VISTA and Windows 2007-2010 are a good example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." An experienced user can learn how to use the "upgrades".....but it takes time I'm really not eager to spend to hunt for options that used to be a snap to find, thanks to the new messy "ribbon."

the most annoying os out there next to vista. DO NOT BUY

Hello... I've been using VISTA for almost 2 years now and I LOVE IT!! It is a bit different if You are used to the XP or the other Windows platforms but once You get used to it...You wont want anything else. If there are problems with the software or hardware You are trying to load/use, give their troubleshooters a ring up and They are Absolutely Wonderful at walking You through the quirks with Vista. Definitely recommend to Everyone. Have a Great Day :)

I have used Windows Vista for the last 2 years and I hate it. I used Windows XP before that and loved it. I have so many compatibility problems with Vista that I never had with XP. Even with updates I still get errors and programs that either don't install correctly or have other issues that makes it so frustrating to even try to use them. I hope they learned their lesson and made Windows 7 better than Vista. My husband really wants a Mac so that will be the next item we save up for. I hear the OS on Mac is sooooo much better. I honestly can't see how any other OS could be as bad as Vista.

Came on my laptop...DONT LIKE IT!! Had it removed!! Nothing but problems!!!

Really do "NOT" like Vista at all. I would not recommend this product at all. Came loaded on my Dell laptop when I purchased it last year. My computer has never had so many issued!!!

Vista came with my computer when I purchased it , at first I didn't like it at all but as I got to figurein it out I love it . I recommend Windows Vista to anyone as long as its the home premium version . I owuldn't have any other operating system .............

if they had a negative rating, i would pick the lowest of the low for this operating system. lets start off with the flaws. 1. Not many drivers are compatible with vista. 2. I heard that vista was created to deter copyright infringements...seriously? *sarcasm* 3. my printer which i used PERFECTLY fine with XP suddenly doesn't work with Vista no matter how many times i download the drivers. i had to go out and BUY myself a new printer! 4. i keep getting errors saying my display dirvers don't work, apparently my graphics card isn't compatible with vista. i googled it and called the help desk countless times, they THINK they resolved it but the problem keeps coming back. i freaking give up with vista. i can't wait till 5-7 years is up with this computer so i can replace it with APPLE or something better....

i STILL do not like Vista.

needs a little more work in the lab guys,it ill not work all the time

I can see reasons of hatred for Vista, and occasionally I find myself irked with certain aspects but I have never enjoyed an operating system more. To me its gorgeous. The way everything looks is modern, smooth and fantastic. Certain programs do not work as well but for simple everyday use I like vista for its customization abilities and looks.