Microsoft Joins the Upgraded Parental Leave Party Just One Day After Netflix's Announcement

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 10, 2015

Not wanting to be late to the party, Microsoft announced their upgraded parental leave program just one day after Netflix busted out their generous plan. Both companies are going above and beyond what most allow for maternity/paternity leave after the birth of a child or adoption.

USA Today reports about the new programs and what parents at either company can expect when they’re expecting. Microsoft is giving moms and dads a full 12 weeks of paid leave and allowing new moms to earn an additional 8 weeks of “maternity disability leave”. On top of the paid time off after baby arrives, moms can also take a short-term two week paid leave before they are due.

Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft's executive vice president of human resources, explains why Microsoft is rolling out new more generous policies for parents. She says, “As we ask our employees to bring their “A” game to work every day to achieve our mission, we believe it’s our responsibility to create an environment where people can do their best work.” Hogan adds, “A key component of this is supporting our employees with benefits that matter most to them.”

Microsoft’s plan may sound very benevolent when compared to other U.S. company’s parental leave policies, but it’s nothing compared to what Netflix is offering. Netflix recently announced that “unlimited” paid parental leave within the first year after having a baby. That’s right, employees at Netflix are being encouraged to take as much time as they need during their baby’s first year while receiving their normal pay.

Netflix's Chief Talent Officer Tawni Cranz explains, “We want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances.” And if you happen to be a Netflix employee but don’t have kids, you can still enjoy the company’s other perks like free meals, massages and laundry service.

What do you think of these announcements from two big companies regarding paid parental leave?

Do you think more U.S. corporations should offer these types of parental leave perks?

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ajsterz by ajsterz | Lowell, MI
Sep 30, 2015

It is about time companies started changing policies regarding paid parental leave. This is needs to be standard practice across all companies - big or small, profit or nonprofit, hired in or temporary. The parents that have access to these practices are not the parents that need the most support. Parents that not have a HS diploma or who make minimum wage or who are working for temp agencies don't have the luxury of spending 12 weeks with their kids at home. They still have to make sure rent is paid and the all the other bills are met. These moms and dads are lucky to get a week off without upsetting the delicate budget balance. This is a great start, so hopefully we can start having this as a more standard practice.

tinamyers by tinamyers | YAKIMA, WA
Sep 11, 2015

Super to hear about these companies that offer unlimited paid parental leave with in the first year after having a baby. Yes, more companies should offer this support to both parents not just moms but including dads too. It is amazing the little things over time add up and really help the employees perform better at work and for the employers to have successful businesses.

risible295 by risible295 | NEWNAN, GA
Sep 03, 2015

Great information I had no idea Netflix offered such a wonderful perk, I don't think many companies will be able to compete with Netflix when it compares to parental leave. I appreciate any company that takes a look and pays parents whether they have sick leave or not to stay home with their little munchkins a little longer.