Microplane Premium Zester/Grater

Microplane Premium Zester/Grater

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Easy to use, easy to clean This zester is awesome. We use it for parmesan cheese or lemon zest. Easy to use, easy to clean

Love this zester. I use it for citrus, garlic, cheese, nutmeg, ginger, pretty much everything. The only thing I do not like is that the cover never fit back on the zester, so I now have exposed blades in my drawer.

I think this is one of those staple items that every cook needs in their utensil drawer! this is easy to hold, easy to use, and creates such a perfect zest every time. I feel like a pro when I use it to grate parmesan cheese over pasta or salads at the dinner table as well!

If you have anyone in your life who loves to cook, this is the best kitchen gadget to give any time of the year. A clean zester that works incredibly fast and will make you want to bust out the Parmesan and lemon rind on every occasion. As you should! No home kitchen should be without the microplane.

I find this to be a better tool for zesting than the traditional zester. I use less effort zesting with this Microplane to remove only the rind and not get to that white pith that is very bitter. And most of the zest collects underneath the tool or falls from below. A few minor raps and the most of the collected zest fall away. When I use the traditional zesting tool, I get quite a bit of the zest and essential oil on my hands. This Microplane is fairly easy to wash and clean. But, after washing, hold the handle and shake out the water that collects in the handle. Then place the Microplane with the handle up after washing so the water dries out from the handle. I see that there is a newer version of this tool with a shorter and wider rasp area. The tool also includes a small and large strip zester. PROS: Removes the zest with less effort and better control (without removing the bitter pith). Easily collects the zest without it collecting on your hands. CONS: The rasp and handle area is not totally sealed or removable to either prevent food to collect under the handle or to allow thorough cleaning.