Michael Schofield January First

Michael Schofield January First

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I've been thinking about what to put in this review for about two days now, and I have to say, all of my words are gone because of the emotion I've experienced from Schofield's words. To put it simply, I related heavily to this book and empathized greatly which each person. However, I think even having no knowledge of any mental illness, this book is still valuable--especially when showing how neglectful and uncaring the medical field can be (although yes, they can be the complete opposite as well). I've had to fight with my insurance company for years now, and I will probably fight with them for the rest of my life. Mine and January's stories are just a few reminding the public of this. I came away from the book crying, engulfed in emotions I haven't felt from a book--especially a memoir--in a very long time. Definitely worth the read, even if it causes such emotional duress. *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.