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  • Archie By  Archie    

    I love Mio. It?s convenient to take with you. Sometimes you just get tired from drinking plain water, Mio gives you that taste boost. When I use Mio I always drink more water. The flavors come in many varieties, I love them all ( except one). I keep one in my bag, one in the car and one at work, you just never know when you?ll need a squirt.

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  • mstk928 By  mstk928    

    Good glavor

    I like Mio drops a lot better than the powdery drink packs. Has good flavor and disolves better than the powdered types.

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  • deepbluedesigns1979 By  deepbluedesigns1979    


    Miles is pretty much the only way that I drink my daily allowance of water. The flavors are AMAZING! I normally can find coupons for it, if not, most grocery stores have it on sale. My favorite new flavor is Berry Blast, with one tiny little squirt of lemonade, it's delicious!

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  • Lehua07 By  Lehua07    

    This is a great product, with a wide selection of flavors. We now can each have many different flavors in the house at once, as Mio is not very expensive, and is compact and easy to store. We bring a bottle or two along with us wherever we go. The kids no longer ask to buy drinks everywhere. They have a refillable bottle of water & a selection of flavors at all times. Very happy with this product.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Ewe not good, or good for you! Do not recommend . Tried a sample will never buy.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I like mio and mio energy. The fruit punch is great and I like these best with tonic water. It's just like drinking pop.

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  • NikkiJoBrubaker By  NikkiJoBrubaker    

    My husband likes barely any flavor, I love water semisweet, and my kids want full flavored. MiO is a lifesaver for us!

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  • Chris213 By  Chris213    

    These come in lots of great flavors, and I love that they have no calories! I only wish they were a bit cheaper!

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  • rositoledo By  rositoledo    

    I do not like these. If you add too little, you need to add sugar. If you add too much, you got a syrupy mess in your cup. Ah, ill stick to KoolAid.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Ok, it portable and has a somewhat good taste but for the money I'll pass. Just not worth it!

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  • copskidsue By  copskidsue    

    Great flavor

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  • Elimu20 By  Elimu20    

    To be honest, I have never tried this product before, but my hubby has and he thinks that it is a wonderful product. He uses it in place of Pepsi. After reviewing these positive feedback and not to mention my hubby's love for this product, I think I would definitely be trying this product.

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  • bwarnick27 By  bwarnick27    

    These are pretty good! Sometimes you have to use a bit more for more pronounced flavor, but a nice break up from plain water. I always lose mine though!!!

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  • SLynnCoup By  SLynnCoup    

    I tried Mio in my attempt to drink my water. I tried the original cherry blackberry and it was ok. The flavor of course is stronger if you put more in but I found that putting more in sort of to me defeated the purpose of drinking more water. If you dropped it on a surface it did seem to stain a bit to me but I guess that depends on the surface. Overall I found that just having a cup of ice cold water with me at all times helped me out the most !

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  • starwannab By  starwannab    

    I have tried several of the MIO flavors and I love the Sweet Tea! It really tastes like sweet tea! I also like blueberry lemonade. I do have to say that I have not yet found a fruit flavor that I like.

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