Mexican leftovers


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  • Prep Time:
    10 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    15 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    25 Mins
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Mexican leftovers

Makes: 2 cups

Description: What to do with individual ingredients left over from taco night. I originally named this "Mexican Dog Food" but thought some may find it offensive. It is not meant to be; rather, it borrows from the way we used to feed our dog when I was a kid and we were very poor. My mother used to take all the leftovers available--bread, mashed potatoes, hot cereal, meat, etc.--put them in a frying pan and mix them with bacon grease (there was always a can of it on the stove to use for frying things). The dog lived to a ripe old age. I came up with this recipe while visiting a friend. We were both hungry so we raided his refrigerator. We found some leftover refried beans, cooked ground beef, black olives,shredded cheese and half a jar of salsa. We cooked it all up together in a frying pan and at the last minute dumped in a small bag of Fritos. It was really good! I still make it and my family loves it.

1/2 lb.  ground beef, cooked
1/2 can  refried beans
1/2 can  black olives
3/4 cup  shredded cheese, preferably mexican blend
1/2 jar  salsa
1 small bag  Fritos

Instructions: Mix the first 5 ingredients in a frying pan on the top of the stove over medium heat until everything is blended. When it is hot take it off the stove and mix in the Fritos.
The recipe amounts are just approximations--this is one of those recipes you make by what looks good so play with it.

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