Method Wood for Good Daily Cleaner

Method Wood for Good Daily Cleaner

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Awesome Product You will love this cleaner so much It smells wonderful and it does not leave a greasy sheen on your wood surfaces

Shine bright! I love this product! After using harsh chemicals for many years, this is a refreshing, and I mean that in a great smelling way, to make my wood furniture look new again! My wood just shines and the dust doesn?t settle as quickly as it did using other products in the past. It sprays nicely, never clogs, and I know that I?m not hurting the environment. I have pets, cats who get on the furniture and I feel comfortable that they are not being poisoned like is the case with many other products on the market.

My Go To I have several wood surfaces that I dust. The Method Wood For Good Daily Clean Almond makes my life easier when doing so. With traditional aerosol sprays, the cleaner sprays in multiple directions without consistency. With the Method Wood cleaner, it comes in a plastic spray bottle. The nozzle allows the wood cleaner to spray evenly and makes my wood surfaces smell and look great!

Smells amazing! Works amazingly and smells sooooo good! Makes my wood furniture shine beautifully!

I love this brand! This product does a nice job cleaning my dining room table. It gets any surface food stains out and smells nice too!

My wood furniture shine! I love how shiny and clean my furniture look after using the Method Wood cleaner. Easy to apply and the shine last for days!

This is some of my favorite wood cleaner! I absolutely love the way it smells!

Best Wood Cleaner This is my favorite wood cleaner for dusting. I use it on all of my antique furniture. It leaves a nice finish on the wood and I love how it smells how it leaves my house smelling! Been using it for years now and prefer it over the other wood cleaners on the market.