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  • Playinggrownup By  Playinggrownup    

    I loved the idea of this product, but I too was left a little disappointed by the cleaning solution and my handle broke at the bottom. I will say that their customer service was friendly and they did replace the product which was great, but when that handle broke as well, I purchased the Rubbermaid version instead. I really like it much better and it takes a beating.

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  • mccunesgirl By  mccunesgirl    

    Just wondering how it works on laminated floors like Pergo

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  • Rose99 By  Rose99    

    It is a great mop.

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  • sherylita By  sherylita    

    I was so excited when I purchased the O-mop and wood floor cleaning solution. I love the fact that that it uses no bad chemicals. I also liked the almond scent. However, I have had a terrible time with the cleaner leaving streaks. Then, the handle end of the mop broke! I bought another O-mop (what was I thinking?) and the handle end of that broke too! I thought the easily removeable pads were a great idea, except I had trouble with them bunching up as I mopped So, I have moved on.

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