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  • jennyksmith84 By  jennyksmith84    

    smells fantastic and last

    smells fantastic and last. great laundry detergent.

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  • Wordstoliveby By  Wordstoliveby    

    I am a sucker for Method products. I love so many of them. The laundry soap is perfect. My clothes get a great clean with a fresh scent. Less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. Thanks Method!

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  • BostonSox By  BostonSox    

    I must agree with the other reviewers -- Method not only works great, it is super concentrated, so the package is small, making it not only easy to carry, but it has a significantly smaller carbon footprint that the big brands. Method is kinder to the environment that the more popular brands.

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  • rosemaryoday By  rosemaryoday    

    Finally, a laundry detergent that uses less plastic. Refill packs are genius.

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  • misskennedy By  misskennedy    

    I really love this laundry detergent. It is natural, smells-great, and comes in a really smart pump bottle that you can buy refills for (so it saves on packaging!). I also found that you don't necessarily need to use 4 pumps. I was able to use less and the clothes still came clean. My only complaint is the price--it's a little high. However, I switched over to another cheaper green detergent and I have hated it so I am switching back to method even though it is more expensive. It's worth it.

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  • Shop28 By  Shop28    

    This product makes doing laudry so easy! I bought Method Lavender and Cedar. I love the fact that you only have to use four pumps per load. Unfortunately, the wonderful scent doesn't seem to stay with the clothes much after laundering. I am sure this is because it does not have all the chemicals that traditional detergents do.

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  • Poohcifer By  Poohcifer    

    I love the 50 load bottle of Method Laundry Detergent. Not only does the product look and work great., it is also so easy to use. Because it is super concentrated, it is light weight for a liquid detergent bottle, making it easy to pick up and use. I was a long time Tide user but now am hooked on Method. I like the product, its weight, how well it works, and that it is generally more environmentally friendly than conventional detergents. I will continue to buy this and recommend it to friends.

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